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  1. Lebanan

    Question Which RTX 4070 Super to get ?

    Hello! So first I want to mention that I am new here and also in the PC stuff but I am learning fast. So with that out of the way,I want a opinion on which RTX 4070 SUPER to get, like from what brand? I came down to these options since they are in my budget so: Gainward GeForce RTX 4070 SUPER...
  2. sgronkia

    Question RTX 3070 Phantom needs repaste

    Hi guys, i bought from ebay a RTX 3070 Gainward Phantom GS for a very very good deal. Card is used for a few months and should have warrantly left. I tested it in some lite games in 1080p 60hz (i need to switch monitor) and was fine. When the card reaches 80/90% utilization temps spikes to...
  3. A

    [SOLVED] is Gainward GPUs good option ?

    im getting new graphics card 1660 TI 6GB and i got two options getting Asus from abroad , or getting Gainward but from local store ( it was an offer or discount because gpus overpriced here), they both same price around 320 USD ..i would personally would preferer getting it from local store...
  4. M

    Question GTX 1080 Gainward Phoenix GS problems

    So i bought myself used pc few days ago and there are problems with mainly gpu, 1st: LEDs are asymetric, some colors like red are fully red while light blue is half blue half light green 2nd: displayports, 1st one dont even show signal, 2nd one sometimes works, but after screen goes black...
  5. B

    Question RTX 2070 runnning hot and loud - How to decrease temp to lower the fan curve?

    Hey guys, Lately I noticed that my RTX 2070 quite noisy (not sure if it's like that for a while and I just started to notice or it's a new thing). Shortly after starting a demanding or less demanding game the fans are above 85%-90% and the temp is at least 80-85C (it does not go over 90) and...
  6. S

    [SOLVED] Nvidia 2080 rtx worse performance each day and counting?

    Hi! Im Christian, I have a rather wierd issue with my system. System speccs.: Motherboard.: Gigabyte Aorus gaming 7 wifi Cpu (What i think may cause the problem).: AMD Ryzen 1700 stock Ram.: 32GB Corsair something 3000Mhz Gpu.: Gainward 2080 RTX tripplefan stock (Coilwhine at heavy load) PSU...
  7. adooley8

    Question Rather hot idling temperature - GTX 1070

    I need some help with my GPU temps. As of late, the GPU is idling very hot, roughly 52c which is way above my comfort zone, especially considering the card used to idle at mid 30s without any issues. Now i must confess, while doing some PC maintenance i had a nightmare occur. I bought some...
  8. M

    [SOLVED] New B450 Build Hangs Pre-Bios

    Just finished my upgrade to the MSI B450 Tomahawk motherboard paired with a Ryzen 5 2600X. Booted fine first time, installed all the usual MSI software through LiveUpdate. Have yet to do any serious overclocking beyond pressing 'game mode' However at every following startup, the system will...
  9. K

    Question MB and case/chassis for 4 Intel Xeon E5-4650 v2 and 2 Geforce 2080 Ti

    So, at my university's research lab we got our hands on 4 cpus Intel Xeon E5-4659 v2 and on 2 top-notch gpus Nvidia GeForce 2080 Ti. Nonetheless, it has proven hard to find a proper motherboard and server/workstation chassis/case/tower to fit all that. That is my question to you all experts...
  10. S

    What does anti ailiasing depend on?

    What does anti ailiasing depend on? Is it the game developers? The game console/PC? or the monitor/TV? Also, can the type of HDMI cable contribute to better graphics and faster gameplay?
  11. D

    Is this a good deal for a Gaming Pc (eBay)

    I was wondering, for a PC that cost $750+. -AMD FX-8300 Vishera 8-Core -4.2 GHz -6GB GeForce GTX 1060 -16GB of DDR3 memory -600 watt Power Supply Is this a good deal? I also wanted to know if eBay user like this are trust worthy of buying off gaming pcs from. They seem to have good pcs for...
  12. H

    [SOLVED] $2000 built gaming pc

    Hey guys! Looking to build my first gaming pc. I don't really have a budget, just want to put around $2000 in this build. I've gotten some tips from friends and such. This is a list I've come up with. Let me know if you have any comments/concerns or helpful tips! Thanks...
  13. M

    aaaaaasda adsa afa

    Hi guys ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
  14. A

    Deepcool Kendomen ODD

    Hello, I was wondering if anyonw knows how to remove the Deepcool Kendomen’s ODD panel. Can’t seem to find how to add an ODD. Thanks.
  15. D

    Problems with my build

    I have a problem with my own build PC. I have rebuild my PC in a different case (Inter-Tech W III RGB) and it feels like my components aren't getting any power at all. I have replugged the cables and still no luck. I earthed myself and made sure there is no metal-on-metal with the components, so...
  16. lawrenceceleste.gulayo

    Wireless Network Options for Desktop

    Hello there. I currently have an Archer T6E AC1300 that stopped working after the most recent Windows 10 Update. I believe it was the September 11 2018 update (installed on September 12). I've Googled online a list of fixes that would supposedly resolve the issue. Unfortunately for me, I'm more...
  17. D

    Gateway ML6720 Max cpu upgrade options?

    Hello, I just received a Gateway ML6720 and was wondering what cpu options I have if I want to upgrade. Right now I have the T2310 @ 1.46ghz, I'm pretty sure that won't get me far with really anything (I know I won't be gaming on this due to the igpu being really poor). I was thinking to use...
  18. TheTerk

    Asus TUF X470-Plus Gaming Review: Attractive Value

    Can Asus' value-focused TUF X470-Plus Gaming set the pace for the TUF Alliance on AMD's updated Ryzen platform? Asus TUF X470-Plus Gaming Review: Attractive Value : Read more
  19. G

    PC Building as a Hobby?

    I built my first PC recently and enjoyed it. I would like to build them more often, but I don,t have the money. Is there any way I could keep building them and not lose money? It would be more about fun than profit.
  20. A

    external power graphics cards - better?

    Apologies if this question has been asked before, I tried searching the forums but my google-fu search skills can be terrible sometimes :) I'm noticing that some of the newer graphics cards come without the need for a 6 or 8 pin power adapter connection... one review of such a graphics card...
  21. saif magdob

    Time to upgrade my i7-4790 or should I wait some more years, whats the best GPU my i7-4790 can handle?

    Hello Tomshardware! Time to upgrade my i7-4790 (non k) or should I wait some more years, whats the best GPU my i7-4790 (non k) can handle? My PC Specs: Processor: Intel Core i7-4790 (non k) @ 3.60GHz Memory: 16GB DDR3 Motherboard: ASUS B85M-F PLUS Graphic card: GT 710 2GB PSU: 400W...
  22. Lycaone

    Is Bluetooth built in ?

    For built-in bluetooth do I have to buy a motherboard which has wireless networking ... or what ?
  23. R

    Gtx 1060 and i7 7700k build not working properly

    Hi everyone, about 10 months ago i built my first pc and thought it had been running really well but ive come to realise its performance isnt the same as similar builds with fps tests. CSGO maxed i barely reach 300fps and thats even at 4.8ghz. Does anyone know what could be happening as ive seen...
  24. M

    Choice of motherboard

    Hi, I search a motherboard for gaming with my i5 7600k... I have find two : 1: 2...
  25. S

    Ryzen 3 Cpu

    What is the best gpu that the ryzen 1300x will support before it bottlenecks?
  26. A

    Can we upgrade intel i3 to intel i5

    I want to upgrade my laptop from Intel fire i3 to intel core i5
  27. D

    Computer burned out, burnt smell.

    So it all started when I updated to Windows 8 for no reason. Then I started getting a memory leak error in this game I play ( for honor) and it started sucking up my ram like nobody's business. It got so bad I had to start playing it in borderless mode, when I never had to. If I didn't, my...
  28. wiedeia

    Which UPS for my system

    I am confusing with what I found in the internet. My system: Operating System Windows 10 Home 64-bit Computer type: Desktop CPU Intel Core i5 6600 @ 3.30GHz 31 °C Skylake 14nm Technology RAM 8.00GB Dual-Channel Unknown @ 1066MHz (15-15-15-36) Motherboard Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd...
  29. R

    Compaq Presairo SR1750NX Sound Card

    Have an outdated Realtek AC 97\ sound card. I am unable updateandn would like to update & Modify Card & Driver. Would like to
  30. Nightlake

    PUBG 120 fps but still lagging?

    Hey guys, So I've been playing PUBG for quite a long time now and I always have a problem with it. Spawning in FPS drops are completely normal, and so are the ones when you spawn in a plane. But when I'm looting or just running around the map I get random frequent FPS stutters or drops or just...
  31. D

    Firefox search behaving strangely... please advise

    Hi folks, I've used Firefox for a while and I'm sure that it never used to display website suggestions/addresses whilst typing in the main navigation bar... Now, when I go to type in a website address, a drop-down bar address with 'www - Search with DuckDuckGo' instead of just displaying the...
  32. I

    Planning to get SSD, but PSU doesnt have connector

    hi so my psu is really old and only have 1 sata connector which is hooked up on my main hdd at the moment. so im planning to get the IDE to ATA SATA. more specifically, molex 4 pin to 15 sata pin. will that work? thanks in advance
  33. M

    Can you wire a 4ohm doc to a 1 ohm dvc to 1 ohm stable

    I wanted to know if anyone can help I want to wire a 4 ohm dvc sub and a 1ohm dvc sub together down two 1 ohm. Will this hurt anything my amp will go lower than 1ohm
  34. P

    Which is more future proof for gaming? i5 7600k / Ryzen 5 1600

    As far as I know current games can't make use of all the cores of the Ryzen, will it change in the future and will it make Ryzen stay longer if I prefer it today? Considering I don't mind overclocking even the i5-7600k, at least for a long time like 4 years. Also what is the current...
  35. S

    Lg g3 camera issue

    I am looking for a Solution. i came across with a new fault after carefully replacement of LG G3 Sim reader,Sim reader after Replacement works perfectly fine,on the other hand when using rear camera Auto Flash light or any flash Application do-sent work at all. please see attached pictures for...
  36. I

    Can't find a single RAM module for sale

    Hi guys, I built my computer a couple of months ago, with the following: i7 7700k gtx 1060 gb vengeance 8gb single module 3200mhz asus strix z270h evga 550w g2 I think the single RAM stick is giving me performance drops in CSGO. Some times I see myself dropping to 80 fps. XMP is ON in bios...
  37. W

    "Please power down and connect the PCIe Power cables..."

    I was playing my guilty pleasure of a game, Call of Duty, and i had been doing so for about an hour and a half sitting comfortably at 60fps when all of a sudden my fans kick up to 100% and my monitors dont get any input. The computer fans are still whirring away. I had to force my computer to...
  38. C

    can this mobo run rgb fan

    can this mobo run rgb fan?
  39. B

    Orico 3559NAS with Gig Ethernet port - help required to get mapped/web access

    Hi all, Last year I bought an Orico gig-Ethernet port-enabled model 3559 NAS 5-bay storage array and tried to integrate it with a hotspot WLAN, but could not, so I gave up on it and moved on with other things. Now, I need to get the NAS online and I have an ASUS repeater that has Ethernet...