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  1. L

    [SOLVED] CPU or RAM bottleneck?

    Hi, I have an i7-3770 paired with 16 GB of DDR3 @1600Mhz and a 1660 ti. I can't run rust at above 60 FPS, my frames usually drop to around 40-50 when I have been playing for a while. I have followed many optimisation guides for rust yet they don't seem to help fix my issue. My GPU is around...
  2. R

    [SOLVED] dust or rust ?

    I noticed a few days ago that on my GPU ventilation holes from the back of the card I have something that seems either dust or rust but i am not sure wich one . I tried to somehow clean it , but using a ear cotton or a paper like I did it´s hard to clean it because it´s hard to reach there...
  3. X

    [SOLVED] Horrible fps on Rust with High-end PC

    Hello, Dunno if I'm the only one who is having these issues but when I'm on rust for about 20 minutes my fps drops down horrible, from about 60-70 to like 30-45. My pc build is: 16gb ram vengeance DDR4 Ryzen 5 2600x (Stock cooler) gtx 1080 STRIX B450 gaming pro carbon motherboard 750 watt...
  4. T

    [SOLVED] Rust is a stuttery mess

    Specs: e5 1650 v1 (3930k) gtx 1070 ti 16gb ram crucial mx500 120gb ssd graphics driver: 430.86 After a few months of not playing rust, I fired it up again recently. Performance was AWFUL from the start. I dropped all graphics settings to minimum and it didn't change. Whenever I move the mouse...
  5. A

    Question Quick Question About My Low PERFORMANCE IN RUST

    So I have a 1070 STRIX a RYZEN 6 1500 AND 16 GB OF RAM. My question to you is, is my CPU bottle necking my GPU and that causes the low performance because it is aggravating me
  6. Z

    Question If I get more memory, will games run faster?

    I want to get more ram. Now I have 4 gb ddr3 1600mhz ram. I want another 4 gb My computer I3-3240 Gt 640 1gb If I double my ram can I get better fps in games Like rust, rainbow six siege?
  7. R

    Question Rusty RX580

    I found this guy selling his mining cards. The card in question has signs of rust on it due to him living near the coast, but the cards only cost $140. Is it okay to buy this card? Will there be any performance degradation or any bad reliability factors? These are the pics the seller provided...
  8. T

    [SOLVED] CPU usage goes down the 33 percent while gaming, causes FPS drop

    These FPS drops used to happen to me, but it usually involved my GPU, not CPU. When I ran Prime95 and kept and eye on my cpu temps/usage, the usage always went to 33 percent, always in the same pattern, but my temperature is at a cool 50 degrees. This happens on any CPU intensive game, but the...
  9. F

    Question Insufficient memory with Rust

    So I got fx 6300 gtx 960 and 8br ram ddr3 1866 mhz, when I'm in Rust the game consumes all my 8 gb, is there a solution for this? I know that people with 8 gb too, and they do not have this problem, any help please, I can not update rn to 16 gb!
  10. T

    can I upgrade my GPU?

    I have an Asus X541-dm134v, with i7-7500U and GTX 920M, can I upgrade my GPU to something better and which should I go for?
  11. S

    why wont my new graphics card turn on?

    i installed my new graphics card today and i have the external power and all the requirements but it wont turn on, idk what to do
  12. J

    Is it safe to put a mechanical HDD on a caddy with the ASUS K555L?

    Resorted to finding another way to fix my friends laptop. I've seen a video wherein he added a secondary drive (an SSD) using a caddy however he said that I shouldn't but using a mechanical HDD because for some reason, the K555L cuts power to it.
  13. M

    Is it good to left the LLC to Auto?

    or set to manual Regular/Medium/High/Extreme ? Strix B350F Ryzen 5 1600 3.7GHz 1.231VID Thanks
  14. J

    is pc good?

    AMD FX 6300 GTX 460 8GB RAM 600W PSU Is it decent?
  15. D

    Can I use a 8 PCIe port on a modular power supply for an extra Sata line

    Hi, I have used up all of the sata ports on my modular power supply but I still have plenty of CPU/PCIe ports. Can I use a 6 pin modular cable for sata drives in one of the PCIe ports. The cable fits fine but obviously leaves 2 pins empty on the PSU. Any have an idea? All of the other sata...
  16. C

    Is it okay to upgrade from R7 265 to RX 460 2gb?

    Hello is it okay to upgrade my r7 265 to RX 460 2gb? Or will i see significant difference from my r7 to that 460? BTW im on Athlon 860k 8gb ram.
  17. G

    Something is wrong with this pc.

    I'm planning to buy a pc and found this bargain: i7 920 20gb ram radeon hd 5870 for cheap, the problem with this pc is that it turns on but the monitor doesn't post
  18. Y

    HDD Used Space Shows Different Than Actual

    In Drive F, I have 9.44 GB of files. When I went to properties, it showed that the drive usage is 9.84 GB. How to fix it?
  19. stew0001

    Problems replacing a HDD with an SSD on a Dell laptop

    I tried to replace my Latitude E6430 HDD with a Samsung Evo 240 GB SSD and ran into terrible problems trying to reseat the SSD in this laptop. Now, I can't get it even to see the old HDD when I swapped it back. They fit but the laptop doesn't recognize any HDD or SSD installed. Any hints what...
  20. T

    RX 480 heat problems

    Hello. I am having trouble deciding what brand to choose for RX 480 4gb. XFX...
  21. N

    Buying an optical drive

    Hello, for my custom build i need to install windows 10, i have an installation disc. I dont have a usb installer. Can someone link me to a decent optical drive for my build on amazon? Im not sure which one to get. I wasn't sure if some don't support installation disc's. Thank you!
  22. N

    Graphics Cards connected to a laptop?

    I was just thinking, is there any way to connect an external GPU to a laptop without thunderbolt 3? I saw some videos on youtube but those videos had GPUs taking power from an external power supply but how does that work if its a GTX 1050ti or an RX 460 or something like that? These GPUs take...
  23. S

    3 blinking amber led lights

    Hello all, I bought a new Fujitsu T901 Lifebook in 2012 and it has performed superbly for the last 4 years. Over this weekend, I tried to boot it and nothing happened; three blinking amber led's blink simultaneously but no power to the fan or HD. I tried the trick that is often posted here...
  24. A

    Looking to buy second hand laptop, most likely Lenovo ThinkPad T520 W510

    Hi All. I have retired my desktop PC and looking to buy another second hand laptop for family use. I would like to spend £100-200 depending on configuration and then some on top of it if RAM needs adding or to upgrade to SSD. Two models I have in mind are Lenovo T520 or W510. I have had several...
  25. B

    How To How to remove Vampirism in Skyrim

    Have you become a vampire by accident, or decided it's not really a good choice for your character and you'd rather cure yourself of this ailment? It is possible, and here's how. Step 1)Find and fill a black soul gem. You are going to need this in order to cure yourself. To fill a black soul...
  26. K

    Computer freezing right after boot. I believe this to be the hard drive but not sure.

    Hello all, First time asking for help on a forum. Bought a pre-built pc from newegg about 4 years ago. Mobo and processor died out(prob since i overclocked them) but thats not my problem. I now built a new computer with a new processor, motherboard, ram, and a liquid cooling system. I had kept...
  27. Mister-E

    3x 140 instead of 1x420

    I'm thinking about watercooling... I have a define s, which won't allow me to fit a 420 radiator in the front, but it does have 440mm space, so 3x 140mm fans easily fit. Then I got an idea, which is; 3 x a 140mm radiator in the front, at a 90 degree angle, so the in and outlet is on the side. I...
  28. D

    x99 vs z170 | i7 4790k vs 5820k vs 6700k

    Hi, I'm a first time builder researching for a full build. I'm aiming somewhere between $1400-1700. I'm a bit conflicted on motherboard and cpu of choice, I've done quite a bit of forum surfing on the subject but I find the threads are typically 4-8 months old so I'm trying to get a fresh...
  29. HaxME_Anonymous

    Gigabyte vs. ASUS UEFI BIOS

    just in the title says Gigabyte vs ASUS UEFI BIOS. my question is who has a better UEFI BIOS like, better GUI, good functionality, more feature, etc. whos the better?
  30. T

    I am looking for a quiet but cool mid tower atx case for my gaming rig...

    I would like to replace my corsair spec 01 red led gaming case for a much higher quality, quieter and cooler case. Preferably I would like there to be plenty of cable room, as my psu is only semi modular, and to be honest I am no miracle maker when it comes to cable management. In fact I am...
  31. M

    2 24" LED monitors and a 40-50" LED TV

    Has anyone ever tried this set up before? Because our office is like my cave/ den.. I was going to put my rig downstairs with all the other entertainment but sometime I like spend time in the den more than the living room. So I have been wanting to put a TV in there. I was wondering if...
  32. C

    Weird BSODs After upgrade

    Hello! I recently changed my MOBO,CPU and GPU and then i installed windows 8.1 everything is fine, i can play older games just fine but i just tried far cry 4, assassins creed unity and dying light at for each one of them after around 20-25 minutes of gaming on maxed out settings i get a random...
  33. Z

    What to choose?

    Hey, i have started a YouTube channel and have been looking for some time at purchasing a good camera. I am wanting an Action Camera and a Camcorder/DSLR. I am so lost in what to choose there are just so many options! I have used a Fuji Film S4300 and do like the quality, but I don't like the...