Discussion What's your favourite video game you've been playing?

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[quotemsg=21224930,0,433119]Nice, Frag. I've checked all your videos so far. Very interested to see you take on Chapter 10. I feel that was the most challenging and difficult one throughout the whole game. [/quotemsg]
A lot of people say chapters 6 and 10 are the longest and hardest. I just got through chapter 6. The funny thing is, once you get that burning house part started right, it can go well enough to make it look easy, even with minimal resource use, but with the minimal space you have it's also easy to get tagged by one of the Haunted and game over. So what you'll see although looking simple and easy, took many hours of trial and error. Plus the Sadist (chainsaw guy), Zehn and Neun (twin giants), and Sentinel (big dog) take up quite a bit of resources, even if you don't kill the dog.

Conversely with Chapter 10, while the Amalgam Alpha (big monster) can take a fair amount of resources to kill, you can bring it to the rage phase with stealth and minimal resources, and there's exploding barrels to help finish it off, plus lots of resources in the parking garage where you battle it. Laura, doesn't take much but matches and a pistol, plus maybe one grenade and a shock bolt to take out a wall mine and slow her down while you pull the door lever the mine is by. With her the difficulty is timing and knowing where to run and what to do. Speed is of the essence. All battles once you know the game well and challenge yourself with added difficulty become more about how many resources you have to spend.

I'm about to upload Chapter 6. It was an editing nightmare because I paused the game once I got past the burning house and lowered brightness, which I usually have set to 85. There's a flaw in the game you can see even in the middle of the cutscene where Seb and Joseph run out the tunnel and close the big doors when they escape the burning house. It clearly shows a stark jump in brightness, which makes that whole dilapidated brick architecture area outdoors where the Sadsit is look pale and almost colorless. That caused me to have to raise brightness again in the much darker underground areas after that, and because there was no convenient checkpoint to do it at like the one coming outside after the burning house, I had to clip out a separate segment and add brightness in the editor.

I also paused at many checkpoints to save my capture because there are many little battles here and there that can go well, or horribly wrong. Although with careful editing, I managed to only have to use fade out/in on a few checkpoints. The rest are nearly indistinguishable from seamless play. All this plus being up late doing it caused me to have to redo one of 3 segments I cut the game into when compressing then later appending and copying them though. I accidentally edited out the part between the Sadist kill and the guillotine scene. On top of that Avidemux was being finicky and darkening entire areas of the game, which I think was from just adding too many fade out/in effects (which is why I ended up doing clever editing) like the 2nd half of the 1st phase of the fight against the Sentinel.

Needless to say I'm glad I'm done with this chapter, and may be looking for better alternatives on editors. The reason I like using simplistic ones is they are streamlined, faster at encoding, free, and easy to use, though they tend to be quirky, especially with very large files.

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Finished my New Game + playthrough of The Witcher 3 earlier. I didn't play Blood and Wine the first time so that was an absolute treat. I still haven't played Gwent but those are the only quests I didn't do.

Even more now than the first time it's number 1 on my all time list. The whole game is just masterfully done.
[quotemsg=21235781,0,218893]I didn't play Blood and Wine the first time so that was an absolute treat. I still haven't played Gwent but those are the only quests I didn't do.[/quotemsg]
Blood and Wine was awesome, especially the fight with the vampire at the end. After trying it, I despised Gwent so much I avoided it entirely.
I was playing more Yakuza 0 and was really enjoying it. I had reached chapter 3 and was playing another character, a second protagonist.

This is going a bit off topic but my gaming is currently on hold. A flood had happened in my state and I have lost most of the stuff at my home. I was able to save my PC but most peripherals went in the water. It's gonna take some time to get things back to the way they were but I'll be back soon.

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That's terrible man. Hope everyone is OK and you get everything back on track soon.

Very sad news Gman. Makes me feel bad for complaining about the smoke from forest fires accumulating in my area. It got so bad at one point they said N95 rated masks no longer were effective, which probably means so much smoke built up it pushed the carbon monoxide gas to ground level. If you were outside for more than 20 min, mask or not, you'd get a headache from it. It's finally clearing out now though.

Hope you at least had some kind of insurance, though I know flood insurance is hard to come by and expensive. Maybe you can get disaster relief funding.

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Are you in Kerala Gman? Caught up in this?


Yeah. I'm in Kerala. Seems like this flood received world wide attention.
Everyone in my family is safe. The water level is back to normal again and we've been cleaning the house since the start of this week. The flood brought in a lot of mud and dirt.

And yes, I'm hoping we will get some sort of flood relief funding from the government.
[quotemsg=21261270,0,433119]And yes, I'm hoping we will get some sort of flood relief funding from the government. [/quotemsg]I'm sure other countries and non profit organizations will be involved with fund raising and basic resources to help out as well for something this big. Keep us informed.

Just released gameplay reveal of Cyberpunk 2077.

At the 21:15 mark I had an adverse reaction to the implant doc, whom looks way too much like Kevin Spacey when he's in your face. Looks like a game with potential. Note this is "Work in progress" footage, and does not reflect final touches.


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I just finished Prey ( 2017 ). It's really good. Somewhat similar to Dead Space. Got a little over 40 hours out of it and that's without the DLC which is pretty good for a Bethesda game. I'm going to finish up Hellblade now and then get the Prey DLC: Moooncrash.

I don't even want to watch Cyberpunk 2077 footage anymore. I just want to play the stupid thing. :lol:
I've yet to even go back and finish Prey. I formatted after playing a little ways in and told myself I'm not going to even bother keeping the save, it won't take long to get back to that point. Ironically that's part of the excuse I've been using not to go back to it, but I know it's mostly that I was pretty disappointed with the gameplay. It's just nowhere near as good as Dead Space to me, in gameplay or atmoshpere.

Lately I've been grinding away at finishing up my The Evil Within Akumu no upgrades/keys/DLC run, and am so far nearly done with chapter 13. I'm kinda doubting Bethesda will greenlight a 3rd one, as I learned just recently the 2nd only pulled in 1/3 the profits the first did. Most don't play survival horror anymore. :(
Frag Maniac , I adore surviving horror games, especially the zombie type, Dead Island was my main thing over 6 months, but I dont see that gerne going on...
Every night me and my friend play Cod waw on custom zombie maps, the haloween is best thing...
[quotemsg=21273374,0,1725087]Frag Maniac , I adore surviving horror games, especially the zombie type, Dead Island was my main thing over 6 months, but I dont see that gerne going on...[/quotemsg]
Yeah they're treating us like a dying breed aren't they? It's a bit deceiving, if you look at YouTube and forum comments on TEW, it's pretty much a mixed bag of people that thought the sequel was better vs the ones that thought it was worse.

Then you add the fact that the first had around 3.75 million units sold, vs 1/3 of that for the 2nd, and you have to think a lot of the true survival horror fans were so upset they added things like a cover system and auto takedowns, with enemies being too brain dead to hear your footsteps and follow you, that they didn't want to even comment and just boycotted it.

I know it can be a gamble making any kind of horror game, but when the first installment nets you nearly 4 mill units, a pretty good number for horror in general let alone the cult following survival horror gets, logic dictates you stick with the basic formula you used and tweak the map, enemy types, etc.

Then again I could be wrong. Maybe the sales numbers don't represent what players thought of the first game. Maybe half or more of those sales were people just blindly trusting Shinji Mikami for his work on RE, but wound up disappointed. I know I wasn't, I have gone on record many times saying, as much as I loved RE4, I like TEW1 even better. I feel TEW2 came in below both those titles though.

I played Dead Island too btw, and really enjoyed it and Riptide. Dead Island 2 by Sumo Digital looks like garbage though.
Ehh, league.... I've played that since 2012, and played here and there from 2015-2018, they have soo much stuff in it that its pretty broken, only sad thing is I never learned to play Dota. Same for world of tanks , War Thunder, Pratically only playing new games that im interested or watch the gameplay if they aren't replayable as The Walking Dead.
Oct 3, 2018
Right now and I'm sure it will be for quite a while longer is... -drum roll please- Fort nite! I can't get enough of this game. It's so addicting. It almost like once you pick up the controller, you never want to put it down.

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Ran through the 2013 Tomb Raider reboot and then Rise of the Tomb raider again in anticipation of Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Then I keep reading it's only a 20-25 hour game and I'm just not paying almost $100 for a 25 hour game. I'll wait on some DLC and a price drop. I don't mind paying for a great game but I was hoping Shadow doubled the ~30 hours of Rise like Rise did to the ~15 hours of the 2013 reboot. I'd pay full price for a 60 hour game without a second thought. I'm looking forward to playing Shadow though. It's a great series.

Currently playing STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl with the 2009 Complete mod. I played it years ago and liked it despite the bugs and sketchy graphics. The mod fixes most of the problems I had back then.
Hey guys, I'm back. A lot has happened in the past couple of months. Things are going back to normal, I was out of state for a month and a half and now started a job. I'm back home now.

So, I bought a PS4 and got it today. It was bundled with uncharted 4, horizon zero dawn and Gran Turismo sport. I started playing uncharted 4 and it is simply amazing. I've to test the others.

On the PC side, luckily none of my peripherals went bad. Except the speakers, but I didn't even test it though...
It's working fine and I maybe looking into upgrading it's hardware later this year. I've got to go back to yakuza 0. I still remember most of what was happening anyway. So no issues.
[quotemsg=21455352,0,433119]Hey guys, I'm back. A lot has happened in the past couple of months. Things are going back to normal, I was out of state for a month and a half and now started a job. I'm back home now. [/quotemsg]
Good to know life is resuming as normal.


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Good to see you back. :)

Played Shadow of Chernobyl then Clear Sky and now I'm playing Call of Pripyat. I forgot what great games they are. Hard games but really fun.