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What's your favourite video game you've been playing?

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May 30, 2020
My favorite game of all time is the Baldur's Gate Trilogy. Another game that I keep coming back to is Crusader Kings 2. It's always installed, even when I'm playing something else at the moment.

The best game I've played recently is Resident Evil 2 Remake. Surely one of my favorite games this generation, next to MGSV, Hitman (2016) and DOOM.

Lately I've been playing Final Fantasy XV as well - quite a decent game. Has some epic moments, but it does get repetitive quite fast, what with the ridiculous amount of fetch quests and all.
I started playing The Outer Worlds. I'm about 10 hours in the game and so far, I'm really liking it. It's not as engaging as Fallout New Vegas but it comes close. The combat is a bit easy though and that's probably because I'm playing on normal difficulty. The weapons are okay, although I think light and heavy weapons lack distinction in terms of the damage you do. I do like that you can take two companions at the same time. Characters are okay so far, some written better than others.

I'm not completely sold on our main purpose in the game. I feel the game hasn't made me aware enough about 'The Hope' all too well. I don't really care about that part of the story at the moment. It doesn't have that vengeance vibe like going after the man who put a bullet in your head in New Vegas. I think the quests have been pretty good too. I've been provided with choices in most of the situations.

I'm also still playing Kiwami 2. Still engaging as ever.


I liked The Outer Worlds. I didn't love it. It's sort of a cross between Fallout NV and Mass Effect Andromeda but it's not as good as either of the other games. Still it was something different and I enjoyed it.

Playing State of Decay 2. Not sure how it took me this long to get it since the original State of Decay is one of my favorite games. Love it.

Also playing Resident Evil 2 / Biohazard. Great game.


Oh and lest we forget what a tease Gabe is. I want this. This and a new Fallout. This and a new Fallout and Mass Effect 4. And the new Dragon Age........damnit just take my money and entertain me! :lol:

There is a Mass Effect 4, it is called Mass Effect: Andromeda and picks up several hundred years after Mass Effect 3 and they have moved from the Milky Way to the Andromeda Galaxy.



There are people that can play dark souls with k/m, there is a mod that allows you do it, but, in my opinion, its better with a controller.
I Have Played through all Three Witcher games. If you got the Enhanced Versions of booth then you got the DLCs as well. As For Mass Effect and Dragon Age Origins, I will NOT play anything on Origin. They won't let me play M.E. 3 because they say something expired or some such nonsense. I paid for the Hard Copy of the game which is up here on the shelf and I can't play it. Have the other two as well, but installed them from Steam and can play those. I couldn't stand Dragon Age Origins. They need to shut down Origin and leave that stuff to Steam and GoG. Now, You can get The Witcher III; Wild Hunt GOTY. With that one, be prepared to give up a chunk of your life. :LOL: The other two will keep you busy for some time. All three are heavy story driven and you have to be careful in the decisions you make as they will determine the direction of the game. There are Multiple ends in 2 and 3. Not sure about 1 but maybe.


I still play Skyrim, Oblivion, Fallout 3 & NV with tons of mods and it never gets boring. I mostly play RPG's and my favourite ones are made by Bethesda. I also really can't wait for the next Mass Effect, The Witcher 3 and Dragon Age Inquisition. There are more games to look forward to this and next year, but the biggest one on my list is Fallout 4 and after that it will be Elder Scrolls VI.
Those are in my library and still get paid. Broke my hip in May '19 and my gaming laptop made it to the Hospital so was laying there playing Fallout 3 for the umpteenth time when I wasn't in rehab. Course by now they have come out with fallout 4 and i have yet to complete that. I keep getting sidetracked building in the settlements. :p:p:p
I finished Yakuza Kiwami 2. I feel like this had the most twists in the story than any of the other Yakuza games I've played so far and Yakuza games do have those moments often. Story wise, I felt it was on par with Kiwami 1. It had it's fair share of superb moments. I'm very much looking forward to the Yakuza 3-6 remasters on PC soon.

I'm still playing The Outer Worlds. You know what? I am really enjoying this game. I love the companions in this game and it's just filled with corporate culture issues. The jokes around them are super funny at times. There are some moments of seriousness in them though. Some of the dialogue options are hilarious.

I started Sunset Overdrive. My oh my, what a gem of a game this is! It was critically acclaimed at the time of release but I feel like it has flown under the radar of many many people. I am about 4 hours into the game and I highly recommend it. Writing is very comedic and funny and the gameplay is fast and exhilarating. It's just so fun to play. I had a hard time figuring out the game for like the first hour or two but you'll learn things quick enough.

I also started Outer Wilds. Yes, this is Outer Wilds not Outer Worlds. Super easy to confuse them up. I'm still early to talk much about it but it's cool. Kind of a puzzler type game I guess.
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Jun 11, 2020
In 2014 my favorite game was the commandoes series. First 2 parts were very hard. Among all games, commandos 2 men of courage were my most favorite one. :D
I finished The Outer Worlds last night. I was actually very surprised at how short this game was, especially for an RPG. I clocked in around 26 hours and I think I did all the side/faction/companion quests there were. The game's length is a shame because I was thoroughly enjoying it till then. The ending just came out of nowhere. I wasn't expecting it at all.

Part of the reason I felt there was more to do was the presence of 3-4 planets on the map which we don't ever visit. I also did some decision making which led to a botched main quest so I guess I shaved off an additional 2-3 quests there.


I felt the same way. I'm hoping we'll get DLC that opens up those planets.

I just got Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus in the Steam sale. I loved the first 2 Tomb Raider games so I'm glad I finally got around to this one.

Also just installed Far Cry New Dawn. I liked Far Cry 5. It wasn't my favorite game but I liked it so hopefully New Dawn is decent too.
Shadow of the Tomb Raider was a gorgeous game, especially with RTX on and I played it like a year ago. However, it's my least favorite Tomb Raider game because of how little combat there is in this game. Story was alright.

I never tried FarCry 5 and I'll probably keep it that way. There are some rumors of a FarCry 6 so if that gets my interests up, I'll probably go for it.
Well, I haven't commented here in a while, so I'll update you. I'm still playing and loving Doom Eternal, now on Nightmare. I've gotten all the way up to the start of the 2nd phase of the Icon of Sin end game boss fight. I'm on course to average under 30 min per mission at full completion of combat, exploration, and challenges.

I've gotten to know the game much better and have even managed to pull off a fair number of shortcuts on some of the tougher lengthy aerial platforming sections. I'm no elite player, but I'm making a video guide on how to beat it on Nightmare with just basic skills and strats. This game has tons of replay value and 'm anxious for the campaign DLC.

Great to see you still keeping at Doom Eternal. It definitely was one of the best FPS games I've played in a while.

I finished Sunset Overdrive. It was a short game, around 8 hours long and I only did 3-4 side quests. It was completely worth it though! What a game! It's on sale in Steam if anyone wants to try it out right now.

I also finished Detroit Become Human which I only started a week ago. The graphics in some levels are insane. The lighting especially. The story was very gripping at first, then lost some momentum in the middle but it picked up back again in the end. Since the story was being told from 3 different characters, I felt the game was shorter than Heavy Rain or Beyond Two Souls ,but lengthwise, they're all the same. There are a lot of choices in the game and it can lead to a variety of endings for characters and the main story. I seem to have gotten the good ending.

I kind of stopped playing Outer Wilds for now because I pretty much explored all the planets and I was stuck. I was feeling overwhelmed on what to do and I refuse to look up things for now. Since everything is timed, I feel discouraged.

I started Bloodborne on the PS4. Souls games aren't usually my cup of tea but I wanted to give Bloodborne a go. So far, I'm really liking everything. I've beaten 2 bosses so far and I've reached new locations.
Great to see you still keeping at Doom Eternal. It definitely was one of the best FPS games I've played in a while.

I finished Sunset Overdrive. It was a short game, around 8 hours long and I only did 3-4 side quests. It was completely worth it though! What a game! It's on sale in Steam if anyone wants to try it out right now.
Yeah I was pleased with how I was able to finish Doom Eternal on Nightmare with 13 Extra Lifes at the end and averaging a little over 29 min a mission. It's a game that makes you doubt you can beat it on Nightmare at all at first, but offers so many ways to improve your gameplay. I'm really looking forward to the campaign DLC.

Last time I checked out Sunset Overdrive I remember they hadn't even brought it to PC yet. I still don't know if I'd be into a game that non stop whacky, but I have to admit the graphics and effects look pretty good.


Sep 2, 2019
I never tried FarCry 5 and I'll probably keep it that way. There are some rumors of a FarCry 6 so if that gets my interests up, I'll probably go for it.
My daughter & I just finished Far Cry 5 and then New Dawn right after. Both were a lot of fun in Coop. We definitely got our moneys worth and if you like the Far Cry games in general, you'll most likely enjoy it as well. The vibe I got from Far Cry 6's brief look was more of a Far Cry 2.5. I felt very meh after watching the trailer. Would love to see a return to Far Cry 1's aliens. Getting a little burnt out on drug lords & whack jobs ala "The Father" even if they were great FOR the game.

Having an absolute blast in Far Cry Primal. I don't know what it is, but even in it's simplistic way, it's just fun. At least in my humble opinion.
I like that Far Cry 6's villain is Giancarlo Esposito from Breaking Bad, very good actor. What I'm skeptical about is the fictitious country it's placed in is obviously based on Cuba, and it will be the first Far Cry with big cities. Also, from the trailer It looks like it might be going the parkour route. So I have to wonder if it's going to be a Dying Light with pirates instead of zombies. Kinda skeptical how it will all play out. Far Cry has always taken place in very remote, rugged areas, in fact I always assumed that's why it was called Far Cry.
The trailer for FarCry 6 was definitely awesome. I assume it's going to play like all the other FarCry games since 3. The more dense cities might introduce some other form of traversal, yeah, in which case I'm hoping for it.

Watch Dogs Legion looks awesome. I loved WD2 and so I'm really looking forward to it.

AC Valhalla, I might skip because I'm burnt out of the current RPG formula Ubisoft seems to go for in the AC games. Both Origins and Odyssey were a mouthful and I don't think I wanna play another of those for a while.

I've been playing a lot of Bloodborne and only that for the past 2 weeks. I'm almost to the end and I absolutely love it. I was shying away from it for a while because I know I suck at From Software titles but somehow this one has grabbed hold of me the most and I'm enjoying the adrenaline, happiness and despair it has to offer.
I finished Bloodborne yesterday. I'm so glad I decided to finally go through it. What an experience. This marks my first ever From Software game that I've completed. Others are Dark Souls and Sekiro, both of which I did not complete. I guess things got easier in the end. I had a pretty strong build, a bit OP maybe but still challenging enough. It's a shame it's only available on the PS4. It's an amazing game. Worthy of all the praise it got.


Aug 11, 2005
Just upgraded my 10+ year old machine (AMD Phenom II X3 720BE) that had the 4th core unlock. Not sure how I survived with that machine through Witcher 3, etc. lol. I didn't go all out on the spending ($600). New case, motherboard, CPU, memory and graphics card (nVidiaTUF GTX 1660 OC).

But Mad Max has been my favorite game so far. I was able to play it on my older machine, but my new machine (specs below in sig) allows me to max out the graphical settings. Beat the game last week, but I'm still going around trying to find all the last vehicles to discover. So that currently is my favorite game I'm playing right now.
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