Discussion What's your most favorite GAMING GENRE ? **currently playing Game on your PC ?**

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Anyone get the chance to try Ghost Recon: Breakpoint? I was fortunate enough to get invited to a technical test and it was pretty good. A few glitches & graphical errors but all in all ran decently but one thing I thought was really neat is that you can go prone and when in the dirt/mud your character can roll around in it to create a temp camouflage. First thing I thought of was the first Predator movie with Arnold, was hoping for leaf grenades but didn't see any...
Yes, I only demo'd the first Wildlands but it was pretty fun and similar to this new one except the enemies seem more advanced in this one (apparently there ex-special forces). I have both the Division 1 & 2.
Wildlands is actually a good Game. The SINGLE player story campaign is pretty addictive, and it features huge maps to explore. But it's a tough game for me to beat, since I don't have much experience with tactical shooters.

But the graphics are good, thanks to the AnvilNext ENGINE. The campaign part is pretty LENGTHY as well !


Wildlands is actually a good Game. The SINGLE player story campaign is pretty addictive, and it features huge maps to explore. But it's a tough game for me to beat, since I don't have much experience with tactical shooters.

But the graphics are good, thanks to the AnvilNext ENGINE. The campaign part is pretty LENGTHY as well !
I love the coop/leveling up with these types of games. Only had a friend to play with on the first Division but found a very active clan with the Division 2 so it's been really fun.


Is VR really worth the investment in games? I assume it also requires a powerful RIG as well ? What about the visuals in VR ?
Tough to determine worth however if you play it enough I feel like the investment is worth it. When I had my VR system I was using a 4770K & 1080 ti which over the initial build and upgrades I was at about $2000 which was a bit more then I would of liked to spend however the VR (first gen Oculus Touch) was an absolute blast. Played a bunch of fun single player games, met a bunch of fun people with multiplayer games and was always fun when friends and family came over and tried it.

As for the requirements it can be quite different to the min requirements for VR. Most systems recommend the 4590 & R9 290 as a minimum but I did play with a few that had a 6 core FX & 1050 ti and said once they lowered the graphic settings the gameplay was smooth enough to avoid motion sickness and was an enjoyable experience. It's because of this is why I find it hard to believe those who are recommending a 2070 as a base GPU for VR. Hopefully within the next month or so I am buying a Oculus S or Vive Cosmos (depends on price) and will see how it works with my 2600/RX 580 4gb.

The visuals are amazing when you can set the detail to max. One game called the Climb was a FPS style climbing game and the environments were absolutely beautiful. So well detailed that someone like myself who isn't too fond of heights actually noticed my heartbeat racing when looking around and at the ground from a high spot. Probably one of my favorite VR games though was Skyrim but the vanilla version looked pretty bad. Did a bit of modding and it was absolutely incredible. Fighting dragons in first person with one hand casting spells while weilding a shield in the other was awesome but one of the funnest parts was going into a enemy stronghold and going werewolf on everyone as you can slash away and then devour. Gruesomely awesome experience!
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If you love playing SKYRIM, then check out this texture MOD.

Modder ‘winedave’ has released a brand new HD Texture Pack for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition. This pack, called Dave’s UFHD Mountains, is 1.8GB in size and adds 8K textures for most of the mountains.

Unfortunately, the modder has not revealed any additional details about this pack. As such, we can assume that the pack overhauls all of the mountain textures. Not only that, but it also includes new moss rocks, as well as matching landscape textures.

I don’t believe we’ve seen a lot of 8K textures for Skyrim. To be honest, I’d love to see more 8K textures for other objects and characters, or at least more photogrammetry texture packs.

Aug 18, 2019
DOOM 3, RTCW and FC1 are my all time favorite. I don't like EVIL within though. The shoulder camera is very weird for my taste, and the game is also TOUGH to beat, imo.

Did you ever complete GR: Wildlands ? Lot of missions to accomplish in this game, and the game level areas/maps are HUGE ! I like the atmosphere and setting of this Game. Single player mode is pretty lengthy though.
Try this one FREELANCER it's a early 2000s game and still rocking today and I still have the installer for it.


Nov 14, 2014
I'm trying to find something new, pretty much played it all. I'd like to see a new From Dust game ^^. I used to love warcraft 3, diablo 2, wow, wolf team. Chivalry Medieval Warfare was my latest kick. Mordauh lacks TO and I might be burnt out on the melee fps genre. If they made Castle Storm 2, I'd buy it, they never really had a decent multiplayer. Wolf Team 2 will probably never happen. Mount and blade 2 if that ever comes out. Duke Nukem Forever had some fun multiplayer, I loved 3d back in the day. Mad Max :)

I want to try something that's not a regular
FPS (Wolf team, turn into a werewolf or something cool) no Overwatch or standard fps.
God game (unless it's more like Populous From Dust)
Racing game (maybe a racer fighter?)
Hack and slash

Has anyone READ Starship Troopers? If they had something like that, fast paced, jumping\flying around dropping mini nuke grenades, leveling buildings with some kind of crazy exo suit.
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Found a new MOD for the good 'ol STALKER game.

Anomaly Developers has just released the open beta build for its standalone mod for STALKER: Call of Pripyat, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Anomaly 1.5.

STALKER: Anomaly is built upon the Last Day mod, and continues its way on expanding and adding new features. At the same time, this standalone mod aims to maintain a high level of quality and replay value.

According to the developers, its new 1.5 version is now using a custom engine, the XRay-Monolith Engine. Basically, think of it as an enhanced version of the X-Ray Engine that GSC GameWorld used in its STALKER games.

Version 1.5 adds new rich vegetation, new soundtrack and a new menu music. Moreover, it adds it revamps the weather and adds new presets for different cycles, adds a Weather Editor, adds a new Anomaly type and brings new sound effects for Tesla anomaly and controller aura.

Furthermore, this latest version of Anomaly introduces a Gasmasks system and enables raindrops on screen. It also adds new wet surfaces shaders, water reflections, new tonemapping, optimizes HDAO and enables bloodmarks on bodies.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Anomaly is a free mod that you can download from here. The Anomaly team has also revealed its complete changelog that you can find here.

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=281&v=uVgSP9V6MGs