Which model is this?



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The computer pictured is an earlier model of a Compaq DeskPro SFF (Small Form
Factor). It has an Intel 440BX motherboard chipset, and supports up to 32GB
hard disks for certain, possibly larger. I forget whether it has 2 or 3 DIMM
sockets, but memory consists of 168-pin non-parity non-registered PC100 SDRAM
DIMMs. Like most 440BX chipset computers, it should accept 256MB DIMMs as long
as they have low-density memory chips. Add-in cards are full-height, unlike
some SFF computers which have short slots. Specifications for Compaq computers
have always been hard to find on the Compaq web site, even before HP bought
Compaq. Go to www.hp.com , click on the support icon, and enter DeskPro SFF as
a search argument. You may turn up something... Ben Myers

On Thu, 28 Oct 2004 09:58:42 +0200, "Dominik Schmidt" <ds@web.de> wrote:

>Hi everyone!
>Can someone tell me which Campaq Model this is?
>Where can I find detailed informations about memory and harddisks?
>I want to use it for a firewall pc.
>Hope someone can help me!
>Greetz Dominik