Question Whre should I connect these cables from the WaterCooler iCUE H150i RGB PRO XT

Feb 12, 2021
The all

I just bult my first "Super PC"... and for CPU Cooling I used a Corsair iCUE H150i RGB PRO XT.

This Cooler cames with:
  • x1 iCUE USB Cable - Just connected it on the Motherboard
  • x1 SATA Connector - Connected it on the PSU SATA Cable
  • x1 a Cable with 3 pins and only one wire - Connected on CPU_FAN (Motherboard).
But there are 3 connectors (labeled as 1, 2 and 3 - as shown in the images attached), which I can't figure out where to connect them. Right now the PC is working without these cables connnected and I am worried if I am doing it right.



The design intent is that the H150i cooler system's RAD FANS will be controlled though the cables coming out of the PUMP unit, using iCue. That is why the pump has a cable to a mobo USB2 header for communication with iCue. If you have no Commander Pro etc. the H150i system will do all this just fine under iCue management. In doing this, iCue uses the temperature probe built into your CPU chip to guide its cooling of that critical chip.

You have made a different connection for your rad fans - to the Commander Pro. Its main function is to control cooling of your CASE, and iCue manages that also. BUT i fully expect that iCue has no idea that the RAD FANS are connected there, and it is treating them as just more case ventilation fans. Those are guided by a different temperature sensor on the mobo. So I believe that iCue is NOT able to manage those rad fans properly the way you have them. I recommend you move the rad fans' fan motor plugs to those three output connectors that come off the pump unit. Assuming the rad fans also have separate lighting cables, leave them attached to the Commander Pro for light power and control.
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