Question Why are my games suddenly closing

Dec 31, 2021
Hello, I just received the NZXT Starter Pro BLD kit for Christmas. I put it together with no problems. I downloaded the display drivers and got everything set up. When I play any of my games for a few minutes they will completely freeze and close. There is no error message or error code. It is a similar experience to pressing alt + F4. I have scoured the internet and random forums trying to find a solution and I have still not found one. I am sure it is not a hardware issue. There is also no overheating and I haven't overclocked anything. So far I have used DDU to uninstall my display drivers and then reinstalled them. This didn't seem to help much. Anything can help. Also, keep in mind this is my first PC build and I am somewhat of a newbie when it comes to PCs.