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  1. S

    Question Spontaneous Reboots

    Hello I'm hoping you will be able to help me narrow down the culprit for my issue, i've done what I can/know how to do to try and get a definitive answer as to which part of my PC is causing the problems. It's probably worth noting that I recently transferred my OS to my SSD, using Macrium...
  2. Funkygreen802

    Question URGENT!!! PC stuck in bootloop after mobo bios update

    After a bios update to try and get 3rd gen support on my ecs h61 h2m2 mobo, my pc was working. I put in my graphics card, as I was using onboard graphics before, and nothing on my monitor or tv... I removed it aaannnddd bootloop... this is my first build and I’m devastated that I can’t get it...
  3. Tell_Em_Slime

    [SOLVED] PC Upgrade Suggestions for Adobe Premiere?

    Hi Everyone! I have a pretty decent computer but when I try to run Adobe Premiere on it (with about 10 GB of allocated ram to it and the playback on 1/4 quality), I can barely watch videos back smoothly and most effects (even just masking) will really reduce the performance down to a crawl. I...
  4. S

    Question Spontaneous Reboots, System Hanging

    Hello I'm hoping you will be able to help me narrow down the culprit for my issues, i've done what I can/know how to do to try and get a definitive answer as to which part of my PC is causing the problems. It's probably worth noting that I recently transferred my OS to my SSD, using Macrium...
  5. Caleuche3

    [SOLVED] BIOS version showing as old after update

    Hi Guys. I've flash updated my MSI Z97 PC Mate three times now, but every time I do so, when i come back to check it still show the old version. I have no idea what to do now. Please help!
  6. D

    Question All of a sudden I have started seeing artifacts on my display (Images in comment Below)

    I recently updated my graphics card driver for my GTX 760 to the most recent drivers nvidia has brought out. This was roughly 3 weeks ago ish and its been fine, i have been playing ARK i have been playing Last Oasis and everything has been working fine. But then all of a sudden My game would...
  7. C

    Question Will Gigabyte GA-H61M-DS2 support windows 10

    I've recently ordered a GA-H61M-DS2 from ebay and it says it supports windows 7 but it never said windows 10. Will it work? Also, it says DX10 on the motherboard. Does this mean that even with a dx12 graphics card it will only support dx10 or dx12? I am pretty new to this stuff so bit confused...
  8. L

    Question Monitor of first build shows no signal, please help!

    Hello guys, I am building my first PC and have been running into some serious trouble. I am honestly getting desperate as everything I tried is not working. I continue getting "no signal" on my monitor. Any help is greatly appreciated as I am starting to get desperate. here is my build...
  9. S

    Question First boot today, No signal from GPU, Motherboard Output. EZ Debug Led on "BOOT"

    When I booted today, No signal from both the Mobo Output and GPU. I made sure to isolate the cause to the Computer. The motherboard gave a boot led, which means no Detected drive, even if I have 2 drives installed. They are both dusty, though as they are hard to reach. Could this cause the...
  10. Zdos123

    Question My friend thinks that an SSD won't improve his system.

    Hello, I have a friend with a computer which is constantly freezing and crashing, i've told him he should buy an SSD and he says that it's not going to make a difference and instead is going to spend £140 on a keyboard and mouse. Specs: I5-2400 8GB ddr3 GTX 1660S TX550m 5400rpm 1tb HDD (Which is...
  11. Hadeus

    Question Why could my PC be running so badly?

    Hey. So theoretically my pc should run majority of the popular games pretty well but it just doesn't. I have the most stuttering and freezes out of all my friends although I have better specs than some. I think the parts worse than them are RAM and CPU. But they shouldn't be that bad...
  12. laserrobe

    Question PC stuttering during all activities

    as the title describes whenever i am doing something on my PC i have a .2sec stutter every few minutes. I've been using latency monitor to find the problem and it appears that my wdf01000.sys, dxgkrnl.sys, and nvlddmkm.sys all have high latency. I have updated my drivers and previously reset my...
  13. Hadeus

    Question PC stuttering while gaming.

    Hey, so my PC has been running pretty badly lately. It often crashes and performs really bad even on games that shouldn't be hard to run. Also stuff like webpages often lag even though I've got ping and download speed. Apparently my specs should actually be decent and shouldn't have any problems...
  14. Maciota

    [SOLVED] Pc hard-reseting while playing games or doing other demanding tasks

    Recently my pc has been restarting at random while playing games, I researched but i only found heating related problems, wich is not my case because both my gpu and cpu mantain a 60C - 70C at maximum while playing. My opinion is that is a faulty PSU or not an overheating component but a...
  15. Cytro

    Question XFX HD 5770- no display signal whatsoever

    I recently bought a ATI XFX HD 5770 for $20 for testing purposes and it does not output any signal on the monitor whatsoever, the monitor thinks its on standby. I have used both DVI ports and HDMI on it, no success. However, after i removed it and booted my PC up with the original graphics card...
  16. G

    Question Help with coil whine and video crashes

    So last Friday I began receiving coil whine at idle from something in my PC. I took the GPU out and it stopped so it makes me think it is the gpu. I put the gpu back in and ran a game and the coil whine stopped permanently, even at idle. Fast forward a few days I am playing factorio yesterday...
  17. Dino_Saur

    Question PSU fan spins for only a second then stops.

    Hello! One day, I was using my pc like normal and then it just suddenly shut down. Only the motherboard's RGB lighting was on. I unplugged the PC and then replugged it and tried to boot it but only the CPU fan spun for a second and then stopped. The motherboard's RGB light was on though. I...
  18. K

    Question My computer has been failing to boot for the past week. I'd like some help.

    Whenever I boot or reinstall windows, the loading screen keeps flashing (the one with the windows logo and the circle) and always restarts or BSODs with a CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED error. If I somehow manage to get to the initial windows setup screen, everything flickers (to black and back again)...
  19. S

    Question Laptop USB Port Broken. Any alternatives?

    Since the middle of last year my school laptop's USB port has been completely broken (and because it's a school laptop i assume I can't get it fixed). I was wondering if there are any alternatives so I can actually use a mouse or thumb drive on my computer? I can't get it fixed without getting a...
  20. Lejm68

    Question Added new ram, computer now beeping when turned on. Can’t access BIOS or anything. Any help appreciated!

    Hello, I recently purchased this computer from amazon HP 8300 4K Gaming Computer Intel Quad Core i5 upto 3.6GHz, 8GB, 1TB HD, Nvidia GT730 4GB, Windows 10 Pro, WiFi, USB 3.0 (Renewed)