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  1. NaVaDaBlue

    Question I dont think my pc is running well Any Help would be awesome.

    hello everyone i have a rtx 2070, i7-8700 (non k version), TUF b360-pro motherboard, 16 gb ddr4 tforce ram, source 500 gb ssd, 1TB hard drive, and gammax cpu cooler. so when i first got it like 1 and a half months ago its been running good until before one week ago its been running low fps like...
  2. S

    Question FPS Drops on a new laptop with seemingly no reason

    Hello, No matter how cold the temperature is and no matter how is the condition in-game the fps always drops on all games i've played. My CPU clock speed will always clocks down from 3907 mhz to 800-900mhz its happening in random intervals too. It happening within 1 minutes of gameplay and from...
  3. A

    Question Graphics card not working properly after update.

    Hello everyone, I have been having issues with my video card (at least I believe that is the problem) recently after updating. My video card info is: Radeon Software Version - 19.6.3 Radeon Software Edition - Adrenalin 2019 Graphics Chipset - Radeon RX 580 Series Memory Size - 4096 MB Memory...
  4. JacobGiles

    Question RAM That Previously Worked is no Longer Working

    Specs: CPU- i5 6600k GPU- GTX 1060 3GB RAM- Now 8GB (Was 16) PSU- NZXT 750w 80+ Gold So recently I cleared my CMOS battery in order to reset my BIOS to default because of a strange power issue. Before the CMOS clear, I installed a new 2x8 kit of DDR4 RAM in the pc (maybe a week before) and...
  5. 7

    Question Games Crashing, Other Windows Flashing

    Hi! I've been having problems with my pc since last night. All of my video games crash within the first minute of being open. Non-game programs have no crashing issues but suffer from occasional "blanks" of the specific program window flashing black or white for a few seconds. Posting in cpu...
  6. Staars

    Question PC Lagging And Screen Blacking

    So, yesterday I deleted everything from my PC and used the "clean" command on "Disk part" before reinstalling windows on my SSD. Everything went well, but as soon as I got in the machine, it started lagging and crashed with a DPC_Watchdog Violation blue screen, so I installed the right drivers...
  7. O

    Question PC isn't booting into BIOS with dual channel ram

    Motherboard: Gigabyte Z170-X Gaming 7 rev 1.0 CPU: Intel Core i5 6600K 4GHz (Runs at 3.9GHz though.) Graphics card: AMD Radeon HD 5880 RAM: (Currently): 2x8GB Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000MHz Single-Channel OS Running on SSD. 119GB Hitachi HFS128G39TND-N210A BIOS Version: (Currently) F21 So...
  8. O

    Question Having troubles with my computer, don't know what else to do

    First i wanna say i'm new here and need some advice on how to fix my computer, i'm not sure what's wrong. When I first got my computer it worked fine for I believe 1-2 weeks before i started to have issues with it. The computer started to do this weird thing where applications would stop...
  9. K

    Question PC reboots after heavy load on HDD, dying HDD?

    I've been trying to solve this issue for a while now, but everything I try does not work. At first, for a split second, my mouse & kb would disconnect & reconnect. I didn't really pay it any mind because I assumed it was due to me overloading my kb ( it has a USB passthrough, so I would plug my...
  10. A

    Question Monitor loses signal after a few minutes until I restart computer

    So my brother helped me build my first pc and everything was fine for 2 months. Mb: Asus Prime x470-pro CPU: amd ryzen 5 2600 GPU- GTX 1070ti Ram: G skill 16 gb Then yesterday the monitor kept losing connections. I could only get it back by hitting the on/off switch by the power supply as...
  11. T

    Question All games CTD but PC works fine in normal operation

    Every game I try to play simply crashes to desktop, It really is that simple. The problem began upon the installation of a new stick of RAM a few days ago, ever since then its been nothing but issues with my PC Specs; Mobo - ASUS PRIME B-350 PLUS(Most recent BIOS/UEFI revision) CPU - Ryzen 5...
  12. H

    Question Inconsistent PC freezes

    Build and general info I will attach links to the parts i used and to the external hardware i am using as well. (Build) (Headset) (Mouse) (Keyboard). As i was building the computer everything was going fine and in fact it all ended up fine. I booted and installed windows without any issues. I...
  13. F

    Question Need help to determine issue in my pc!

    Hey everybody, Just 2 days ago my PC turned off randomly and wouldn’t turn back on. I checked the back of the psu and the green light was blinking. I purchased a new psu assuming the psu died, but after installing the psu, the pc still wouldn’t turn on. I tried the following methods already to...
  14. S

    Question PC Keeps Crashing whole Gaming

    Mobo: ASUSTek M5A97 LE R2.0 CPU: FX-8350 @ 4GHz GPU: Zotac GTX 970 4GB RAM: 2x4 G. Skillz Ripjaws & 2x4 Corsair Vengeance PSU: Sivlerstone 700w
  15. B

    Question Computer badly Freezing while streaming and gaming

    Hello everyone, this Christmas I built my computer and it worked great for about a week, but then it started true freezing while I am streaming or playing World of Warcraft and I have to hard shutdown in order to gain control of it again. I have tried uninstalling windows, updating all the...