Feb 4, 2010

Some folks find the idea of building a system intimidating. They're afraid that they will do something wrong or they'll damage expensive components. They want to get the box in the mail, open it and just plug it in and go.

Another reason, when you build, you are your own tech support. I've worked with several IT folks that always advocate buying a prebuilt system. They are constantly swapping out components and fixing systems so its not really a question of ability with them. I asked once and his response was that his time was valuable and he didn't want to deal with the headache of troubleshooting his own box at home.


Feb 4, 2010
The components are usually better in a custom build, but the admitted downside is that you are dealing with multiple vendors if you have issues. You'll likely be getting a better part and these parts often have better warranties if you go custom, but the result is that if something goes wrong there is a chance you could be dealing with multiple companies instead of just one if you buy a prebuilt.

And to be completely fair, I've had two Dell systems prior to going the custom build route. I bought them both refurbished from Dell and they both lasted three years. They both actually still run but have video related issues that screw them up for gaming and I like to play games. I can't really upgrade either of them but I can't really complain. I did get value from both of them. I'd be dishonest if I didn't admit to considering a new Dell system.

At the end of the day, people may buy a prebuilt just because its easy and convenient.
Some people just aren't interested in building their own. For tech nuts, it's fun, but for non-tech people, it's a headache.

It doens't take a lot of knowledge to assemble a PC, but it does take some. And that some, is what keeps selling prebuilt PCs. The possibility of ruining hardware, troubleshooting their own system, time invested, and just non-interest are all valid reasons why the relatively small amount of $$ saved, isn't worth them trying.

If someone isn't tech savvy, you shouldn't push them to building their own. You could be causing them a lot of uneeded grief when they realize it's not as easy to them, as we make it sound.
builderbobftw, here is something that I like to throw in.

The more recent pre-built systems are plagued with problems! I found myself repeatedly contacting tech support and each instance took quite a bit of my time (as well as theirs). After about 2 or 3 attempts to resolve the issues, they suggested re-installing Win XP. This re-installation is from a re-installation disk supplied by the computer manufacturer with their own add-ins that is usually the source of the problems.

Therefore, even after re-installing Win XP, I end up with the OS which includes add-ins from the computer manufacturer. Everything works fine for a few days, and then we are back in the quagmire of problems. And the cycle repeats.

I found it insane for me to keep doing the same things over and over, and to expects different results.

This was what made me look into a new build to my own specs. For the next 3 months, I read tech articles, component reviews, listened carefully to answers, and came up with a set of new build specs.

I made some real good buys on Black Friday 2009! The system assembly went well (I followed directions), and started up the new system during the 1st week of Dec 2009. The system worked, and is still working, flawlessly.

This encouraged me, and I looked into overclocking. Another week of reading instructions mainly on this site, and I was well into OC. Now my i-7 920 2.66 GHz CPU is OCed to 3.81 GHz as I am posting this.

Bottom line: Flawless computer performance since Dec 2009 build. This is worth something to me in time savings stemming from the tech support that I don't need anymore. Tom's Hardware is the place I go for tech help. Thank you.
Would you believe, Cooler Master V8 cooler. I wanted a Megahalem, but it wont clear the Corsair Dominator RAM ((RAM too tall) - The CM V10 (Peltier) is totally out of the question because of clearance issues.

I must add that I polished (polishing not lapping) the thick copper base of the V8 cooler, and decided to leave the CPU heat spreader alone because the heat spreader is a shallow drawn sheet metal part, and the thermal distortion characteristics are not easily available. By doing this, I was able to lower the temps by 5 deg to 8 deg C

Per RealTemp and Eleet, the CPU temp under normal use is 33 degs C (ambient 25 degs C)


Jul 16, 2008

Alot of situations make prebuilt systems necessary like offices and what not where you just don't have the time to build each system. It can be cheaper in some cases to buy from an OEM.. the last Dell's I ordered for work would probably have cost $100-150 more had I built them myself w\ equal components.

Just be smart if you're going to buy dell systems... most of their upgrade pricing is just insane. They do have good deals on systems though.
For some people is more important the warranty and the brand of the rig that the components and performance that the rig can deliver. The normal users aren't interested in build his own rig because the don't need a high end rig and even they don't spend time looking for advice and components.

When u buy a pre build rig u also get the OS license that for many users is very important more when all those normal users says that a build rig always comes with illegal software.

For an specific case, DELL have his XPS desktop series that IMO is a totally crap but some people love it like I say IMO, and they buy that rigs because are DELL just as simple as that.

Tech support and Customer service from EVGA is superb!
I think that aford10 means to the tech support of DELL, HP, ACER.

The manufactures like ASUS, MSI, GIGABYTE, Crucial, OCZ, Corsair knows that one important thing for sell their products is the costumer service and for that reason that companies spend a lot of money in research and improve the skill of his tech personal.

One time I got fed up with that, my friend was calling tech support for his HP, and the guy could barlly speak english.

How do you be of the speel youse name sirs?

G as in Ghandi

H as in Hindusim.

M as in Mumbai.

I as in India

Etc Etc.