Why do i get low windows experience index with i7-2640m?

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Jan 30, 2012
i just bought a thinkpad x220 with core i7-2640m, 4gb of ram and i have 120gb vertex 3 hdd inside. when running windows experience index, i get cpu score of 3.4????? ran it few times, but score stays the same. how is that possible? thanks for help


The score is the score of the lowest performing component tested. So if everything but one was a 9 and the one other was a 4 the score shown would be a 4. Also like any benchmark or test, the results only describe what was tested for. The Windows evaluation just provides a way to suggest comparability of the tested system with software or other items that subscribe to the windows rating system and list as their requirements a WE value. The WE score is comparative not an absolute performance value.
did you make sure to run the WEI test with all programs shut down? if something was using the CPU while the test was running it will obviously give a low score.

Make sure you have updated drivers for all your components (check Lenovo support website)

I'm not sure how well a typical dual core ranks on WEI but I would think it should do better than that. Check that your power options in windows are set to maximum performance, otherwise cpu tends to cut ticks to conserve power.
I'm guessing your WEI is due to your Intel HD 3000 graphics. It's a pretty weak GPU compared to the other solutions out there.

I wouldn't worry about synthetic benchmarks anyways...they do not usually tell the whole story.

Curious, why do you want a higher WEI score? That laptop is a very midrange laptop.
^ he indicated that his CPU score was 3.4 - Very low.
My guess is that the cpu is operating in it's "Downclocked" state and not clocking up. Change the laptop power seting to max performance. and retry.

Also, if they provided only one Ram module ( 4 gig) and left the second slot open (This is the way my Samsung RF711 came). The Memory WEI wil also be low as the ram is running in sinngle channel mode. Need two sticks for daul channel. I'm quessing they provided 2 x 2 gig modules vs my 1 x 4 gig. I added the 2nd stick of ram and WEI for Memory went to were it is suppose to be.

Also you can down load and install CPUID CPU-z. The Idle speed on my I5-2410 is low, but if I run say prime95 it jumps up to what it should be.

While WEI is a poor benchmark, it is good at identifing problems. Like ram in single channel mode and for HDD and SSD. For SSDs if low it is often the driver is set to pcide and not to ahci.

Will fire-up laptop and provide my scores.
CPU 6.9 (I5-2410M)
Ram 7.4 ( 2 x 4 DDR3-1333)
Video 6.7 (540M gpu) This may be the score for the HD3000 IGP and not for the 540M
HDD 7.9 (2 x 128 gig Curcial M4's, NOT in raid0 config.
My bad. I skimmed through his message a lil too quick! lol.

RetiredChief's reccomendation should work. If not - disable speedstep in the BIOS - although you may or may not want to depending on whether or not your going to use the laptop unplugged.


Dec 19, 2010
cbrunnem - his question/problem was CPU, Not GPU.
I only provided info on GPU as well as Ram and HDD only as Added info.
Anyway, your probably correct about "in the 5's" and it will also vary with which CPU probably (Speed of CPU)
Just googled apparantly 5.9->6.3 for a 2410m Tosibia laptop (difference was a driver difference)


Jun 19, 2012
Hi sak00,

I have an older laptop running i5-430M, and even I have a CPU score of 6.6. While benchmarks are just for reference, if you really care about your socre, you can try suggestions aforementioned, minimizing the number of processes running, adding RAM (although IMHO 4G is sufficient for common uses), or ensure the power supply is steady when you benchmark it.

Give it a try!

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