Question Why is my PC underperforming and sometimes crashing

Feb 10, 2019
So, this is a bit complicated:

a few days ago I finally got myself an M.2 Evo. After putting everything in place I started my PC again and did some Benchmarks. The first one was fine except for the M.2 which was overwhelmingly bad and some weird sounds coming from my case. So after changing some settings I did another bench and while testing the GPU there was lots of screeching noises and on the third test the PC died. The power indicator of the mobo stayed on everything else stopped. And then the next weird thing was, the power switch did not work. I had to turn the PSU off and on again for my PC being able to start. I tested a different GPU and there still was lots of noises and all components were underperforming but the PC didn't crash.
Now I got myself a new mobo because something was wrong with the graphics components but not the GPU. The problem of the PC crashing persisted, as well as all components being really bad. The only thing different now is, the smaller GPU (the one for testing) doesn't make noises anymore.

I am completely lost. Please help!
Not one component is older than a year.

My specifications are:

CPU Ryzen 5 2600
GPU Rx 5700xt
GPU for testing RX 580
Mobo old Gigabyte X-370 G3
Mobo new ASRock B450 Steel Legend
RAM 2×8 Patriot Viper 4
PSU Corsair Vengeance 650 Watt modular