Question Why text and Images look blurred with HDMI but look fine with VGA ?

Jul 14, 2022
I want to connect my Windows laptop with a TV to be used as a monitor, but the problem is when I connect it with HDMI it doesn't look smooth it's blurred text.
However, When I connect it to my laptop with VGA it looks smooth and normal ?
I tried with mac but it's the same.

Resolution : 1366 x 768@60Hz
TV make : SANSUI


Win 11 Master
have you tried running Cleartype on the screen?

search for Cleartype, it may have an option to pick the monitor so make sure its running on right display

if it only shows 1 monitor, this video shows a long way around to getting it to run on 1 display and not main one

Also, I found people with blurry text and images on Sansui TV going back to 2014 so its not a new problem.