Question Wifi connection is weak, what's my best solution?

Jun 20, 2021
Hey guys, sorry if this is a noob question, just wanted to know if anyone here can help me with this issue, my desktop is currently on the 2nd floor of my home, but the main router is on the FIRST floor.

Would I benefit from getting a wifi card for my PC ? (I currently have a usb wifi dongle, been getting frequent disconnections from my wifi)

Buying a really long ethernet cable is not really an option right now (no holes for the cable, laying it all over the house would be terrible).
There really is no simple solution when the signal is being absorbed by a floor or wall. Things like repeater will not work well in this case. It must be place were it can get good signal from router but still send the signal to remote location. So if you were to place it on the side of the wall with the router it would get good signal but could still not send it though the wall. If you put it on the side of the wall with the pc it now can not get good signal from the router so even thought he signal to the remote pc might be strong the data is still very poor quality.

I would first try a USB extension cable this gets the wifi away from your computer case which eats a lot of signal. If you have one of those very tiny USB device a large USB device with external antenna might help. Those very tiny devices have very small antenna and most have low power radios.

Your best solution is not to use wifi when the signal is poor. What you need to do is use a wire to get though the walls and floors. Ethernet is best but not a option for many people. If you have tv coax in both rooms you can use MoCA. This technology can get full gigabit speeds. The next option is powerline networks. This tends to work in most houses. You want the newer technology devices like av2-1000 or av2-2000.