Question Wifi extender no wifi at all

Apr 30, 2019
Hello everyone!

Few weeks from now i took new internet provider from which i got Zyxel router and i got seperate TV box which i should connect with that Zyxel router via LAN cabel. The thing is that cable should be atleast 20-25 meters long so i have decided to buy TP link wifi extender RE 200, which should have serve me to connect TV box on the net.

I was following the instructions very closely step by step, and i got it working for like 2 minutes or atleast i thought so and then it all stopped, well internet connection via WIFI stopped. All the lamps were flashing normal on my router like everything is working normal, even staff for my internet provider told me everything is normal.

I had 2 wifi signals, one from my router, one from extender, and on neither of them i could establish wireless connection, i got errors of writting wrong password, and only moments ago i could use them normaly..

When i connected my laptop via LAN cable on my router i had internet..

Dont know if i should change any settings on my router? If yes, which ones?

WiFi extenders should be outlawed long time ago.
  • How far is your TV from the router?
  • How close you can run cable from router toward the TV? May be Access Point is a better solution for your case. You can also try a pair of PowerLine Ethernet adapters (miss or hit, depending on your home' electrical wiring).
Plug-in Powerline adapters with ethernet ports are a much better option than a wifi extender. Got a pair for my TV after trying an extender first (useless). Powerline adapters up and running in minutes and no manual configuration necessary. Just remember that both wall-sockets need to be on the same electrical circuit otherwise the two adapters won't be able to "communicate" with each other.