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  1. P

    Question no connection after adding a tplink modem/router td-w9970

    Dear all hope you are all fine and safe. I am not a very IT guy. i have a TP LINK modem/router model TD-W9970 which i am not happy with that, but wifi works slowly(at least) and other devices woks with Lan. I tried two unmanaged switch in one room and noun of those works properly. i reject the...
  2. Tr3YFecta

    Question Archer C20 (TP-Link) Ping spikes help!

    Hello! So I had this problem for quite a while now, and I wonder what may be the issue. When I'm connected to Wi-Fi on my phone there is a period that Ping goes up while playing and after 5 -10 seconds the ping goes back to normal. Same case when using my PC with Broadband connection...
  3. C

    Question Need suggestions for budget Wifi 6 Router

    I need a new router for my home and can spend up to 10,000 INR. I am looking at TP link Archer AX50 3000 Mbps router as an option and want to know if it's any good. Is there any other option at the same price range? Also will my older phones/laptop ( macbook pro 2013) be able to connect to the...
  4. Moth254KF

    Question Is TP LINK Dual AC750 ARCHER C20 a good router?

    Is me again, I am in a tick budget for the moment, I did a little search and I think this router acomplish some things I need. Like 5ghz to use it on my laptop for online classes, to conect and xbox and my destkop pc for online games on in my case to upload videos. So, it is a good choice?
  5. Stylin80

    Question TP-Link TX50E AX3000 WiFi Card Not Detected

    Hello everyone, I have right on my hands is a very confusing situation. Long story short, I have recently built a new system. The specifications are as follows: - CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 RAM: 2x Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 16GB 3200Mhz [32GB Total] Mobo: Gigabyte B450M S2H m-ATX GPU: MSI RTX 2060...
  6. N

    Question No internet on some devices on same WiFi

    Hi all So we have a TP link TL-WR740N router and I started observing this issue that the internet would stop on some devices like my laptop or my sister's phone despite staying connected and no amount of reboots of the affected device solved the problem yet the internet was just fine on my...
  7. C

    Question Super strange 4g router and s10+ connectivity issue driving me insane

    Hi everyone, Im going crazy over this for the last couple of months. I have tplink tl-mr6400 4g router and all the devices I have from laptops to mobile phones connect over wifi to it and have normal internet access, except my phone - s10+. I am not a network expert but i know my way around...
  8. bregtvandenbergh

    Question Unable to connect tp-link EAP225-Outdoor wirelessly to TP-Link EAP225V3

    Dear, I just bought the following: TP-Link EAP225-Outdoor TP-Link EAP225V3 TP-Link switch My setup is as follows: ISP Router connected by cable to TP-Link switch TP-Link switch connected by cable with TP-Link EAP225V3 I am trying to connect the EAP225-Outdoor to connect using mesh with...
  9. N

    Question Need an opinion

    Greetings everyone, I need some help picking between 3 routers: Asus Rt-Ac59u ASUS / Wiki Tp-Link Archer C80 Tp-Link Tp-Link Archer Ax10 Tp-Link / Wiki Which one of these is the best pick overall? What are the pros and cons? Thank you :D
  10. K

    Question PCIE WiFi Adapter vs USB Wifi Adapter help

    I am looking for wifi adapters for my pc and came across this article. Here they are comparing pcie and usb wifi adapters. Two models - Tplink Archer T4U (USB) and Archer T4E (PCIE) - fall within my budget and these are available in my country. In the tests shown in that website, the usb model...
  11. M

    Question My internet disconnects each time i start a game

    So i have a very specific issue, i reinstalled my windows and i did all the updates and set up the drivers. the issue that i have is that my internet works perfectly fine while i am surfing or anything else basically, but the second i start a video game like Warzone or League of Legends, i get...
  12. S

    [SOLVED] mesh wifi system behind router , can't access nas anymore

    So a few years back i installed a netgear router (nighthawk 7500) for my fathers business. They recently added a new office space that's just out of reach of the netgears wifi range. So in order to provide better internet for the entire office and downstairs housing i installed a TP-LInk Whole...
  13. N

    Question Unable to obtain full speed over wireless

    Hi, I have a 1.5Gbps internet connection through my ISP Bell. I currently have the Bell Home Hub 3000 which is a tri-band AC router/modem. The internal speedtest shows the full 1.5Gbps entering the router. When I plug in an ethernet to the router, I receive speeds near 1 Gigabit (which makes...
  14. N

    [SOLVED] TP-Link Unmanaged Switch not working

    I have a TP-Link TL-SG1005D V9 and it doesn't seem to work on my network. I use my ISP's router/modem, and there is a switch built into my home. I have an ethernet running from the router to the home switch. In one of the rooms in my home I have an ethernet on the wall, I plug the TP-Link switch...
  15. S

    Question Download speed slow via wireless usb adapter

    See, the problem is that since yesterday, after a restart, i noted that my internet was significantly slow, went to and yup there it was, from a solid 50 mbps download speed and 10 mbps upload speed i went to 1.5mbps download speed and the same 10 mbps upload speed. A short term...
  16. F

    [SOLVED] ARCHER T6E speed problem

    Hi there. I have a Tplink T6E that is connected to a 5Ghz network. Yesterday it worket at around 170Mbps but not its working between 11 and 50Mbps according to Ookla Speedtest (and feels like 11mbps too). In the "TP-LINK Wireless Configuration Utility" software it says that the rate is at...
  17. counda

    Question Tp-link AC1750 Archer c7 problems

    Hello everybody, hope you all well, i want to get advice since tp link support and forum have huge delay, so here it goes: I have a cable modem (200mpbs), and i just bought tplink archer c7, i've installed it as the instructions say, on the first 24 hours after i buy it, the speed was LOW, but...
  18. O

    [SOLVED] Need help with settings for home network settings - TP Link Acess points

    In a nutshell, my home network was too slow and not reaching certain points across the house. I bought two TP-Link AC1350 Access points off amazon and a POE switch. The current setup is my BT router in the loft with the POE switch connected, and the two access points connected via ethernet in...
  19. T

    Question disconnecting from WIFI tplink wireless router problem

    i have TL-WR720N and i have to restart every 3-4 hours because phones get disconnected from wifi constantly and cant connect again if i do not restart i thought it was some kind of time limit but it is not a case, it is just random. there are only 2 phones connected nothing else. is there a...
  20. KarimKhattab

    [SOLVED] Ethernet cable works for PS & not access point

    Ok so I'm trying to connect an access point (TL-WR840N ) through a WAN cable. The problem I'm getting is: "WAN Port is unplugged" Router is connected to internet and works fine Long Cat6 cable I want to use works fine when I connect PS (I don't have a network port on my computer) Access Point...