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    Question wireless adapter

    I bought an tp link TL-WN822N V5 wireless adapter.i need this to be used as well as repeater. In v1 v2 v3 they given tp-link utility where we can use as repeater in soft AP mode .But in v5 they haven't given any utility. can someone help me how to use this v5 as repeater. Thankyou :giggle:
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    Question D-Link DIR-819 Router vs TP-Link Archer C1200 Router (Black)?

    Hello, I would like to buy a router for my home. The home has ground, 1st and 2nd floor. 1st fI will use broadband internet(RJ45). I will place my router in ground floor. I need - Good wifi coverage Wall mounting 1 WAN + Min 2 Lan port(USB not mandatory) My budget max INR 2500 Which router...
  3. A

    Question TP Link R470T+ Load Balance Router Setup Help

    Hello all, I have WAN port connected to my TP Link R470T+ Load Balance Router in WAN 1 & 2 ports, and my wireless access point connected to the LAN port. What I want to do is send ALL traffic to YOUTUBE (from browsers and mobile device apps) via WAN 2 only from all the devices connected to the...
  4. M

    [SOLVED] Only PCs can't connect to 5GHz Wi-Fi - Windows 10 AC600

    Current device: Asus X756UX-T4244T Wi-Fi adapter: FRITZ! AC430 and TP-LINK Archer T2U AC600 Router: Unitymedia Connect Box ( All drivers updated ) Hey, after seeing how big the speed difference between my 2.4GHz and 5GHz is I tried connecting every device with 5GHz. My iPad and S9 connect with...
  5. pipirupi123

    [SOLVED] Should I opt for Gigabit Powerline adapter or keep using 5Ghz Wifi?

    My current network setup is Modem+Router--[via CAT6]-->Access Point --[via 5Ghz Wifi]--> Desktop, the signal strength is Full but sometimes dips down to 3 out of 4 Bars. I've been thinking about using a Gigabit Powerline adapter (specifically this one from TP-Link ) to allow my Desktop to...
  6. A

    [SOLVED] How to configure a Tp-Link Access Point?

    Hi, I just ordered a tp-link access point: Omada EAP-110. I read in it's documentation how to configure it, but I'm stucked in the first step. First of all it is powered from a PoE adapter, I could connect to it's wifi network and on the back and also the docs writes that I have to access...
  7. Kmylo777

    Question How bad 5.0GHz is penetrating drywall?

    Hello guys. I need to buy some sort of antenna to recieve signal in a building that is 30mts or less away from the router. I want to buy the CPE610 from TP-LINK which is 23dbi, but the problem is a very thin transparent plastic roof and a thin drywall sheet, nothing else. My phone actually does...
  8. Falco57

    Question Poor internet but great signal?

    I really dont get what's going on here, i bought a Wireless Wifi Network card from TP-LINK, Moswl TL-WN781ND 150MBPs, i got a 25MB connection at home, i can perfectly get 25Mbs while using the ethernet cable using wireless tho, 11/12 MBPs on a good test, sometimes going as low as 1MB! the signal...
  9. Krempi

    Question Wifi extender no wifi at all

    Hello everyone! Few weeks from now i took new internet provider from which i got Zyxel router and i got seperate TV box which i should connect with that Zyxel router via LAN cabel. The thing is that cable should be atleast 20-25 meters long so i have decided to buy TP link wifi extender RE 200...
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    Question Bricked your TP-Link Archer C50 V3 and cannot find a solution? Here's one fully explained and active!

    Hello internet travellers! I hope this post goes a long way since I haven't found a single tutorial around the Archer C50 V3 model being bricked, so I decided to make my own. If you have bricked your router by installing wrong firmware or by losing power during an upgrade and it cannot turn on...