Question I need help port-forwarding a minecraft server on a tp-link router!

Jul 23, 2021
If anyone is free tomorrow that would be able to help me please add me on discord or reply to this post with another form of communication! I have been trying to get this stuff to work all day and I just can't so if someone out there knows a fix then please hit me up!
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Make and model TP-Link router? Who has full admin rights to the router?

What specific problems or errors are occurring when the port-forwarding attempts fail?

What procedure or instructions are you using?


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Jul 23, 2021
The make is an Archer C20 and I have the full admin privileges. I have tried everything and it just won't work but I think it's because I am unable to set up a static IP through spectrum. They will not provide me with the two DNS servers that I need, but I feel like that isn't necessarily the problem.


I have followed all the steps in this video and I am even able to connect to it myself, but my brothers are unable to connect because of the port forwarding

That's the portforwarding that I am trying and the IP is the same as my IPv4

I have allowed all access through my firewall and everything and I can even connect to the server through my own PC but like I said my brothers are unable to join.

EDIT- I think I might be under CGNAT as well because I ran these steps and two lines appeared instead of just one and I use spectrum without a business account.
How to check if the ISP uses CGN in Windows 10 | Carrier-grade NAT (
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Tplink should show you the wan IP on the status screen if I remember correctly. This is the IP that is assigned to your router by the ISP. If this ip is different than the one you see on whatsmyip you have CGNAT.

You will have to contact the ISP and see what option there are for giving your a public IP. Some will give it to you if you ask others have a extra monthly charge. Port forwarding will never work unless you have a public IP assigned to the wan port of your router.