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  1. Lamza

    Question Help with port forwarding

    So I have been trying to open port 25565 for my 19.4 Minecraft server When I look on my At&nt website it shows that the port is open from my ip and I checked on Windows firewall that the rule lets it through but when I check on a website it shows that the port is closed, I apricate any help...
  2. Z

    Question How to setup port forwarding with MetroNet fiber Internet?

    Hi, experts: I am using MetroNet's fiber Internet at home. I need to setup port forwarding so that I can access my home computer from outside. But when I called tech support of MetroNet, the rep told me that he doesn't know how to do it. I searched Internet but had no luck. So I ask here in...
  3. F

    [SOLVED] Disable ATT fiber modem/router DHCP and use Ubiquiti Dream machine for routing for home network and enabling port forwarding for game server

    I have a ATT BGW320-500 and id like to disable any routing functions and make it as dumb of a device as possible. I have a dream machine pro and a 24 port Ubiquiti pro switch. Id like to have the dream machine handle everything. I also need to be able to port forward a ip address for a game...
  4. AKHato

    [SOLVED] How To Port Forwarding On UGRID UNT-G-13-0-2-R-W ?

    Hi hello, i have a question to ask how to port forward on this device ? I cant seem to find any virtual server option like my previous router D LINK the old router is replaced by my ISP since it broken and they replace with this UGRID one i'm so unfamiliar with the interface and such since it...
  5. J

    [SOLVED] I need help port-forwarding a minecraft server on a tp-link router!

    If anyone is free tomorrow that would be able to help me please add me on discord or reply to this post with another form of communication! I have been trying to get this stuff to work all day and I just can't so if someone out there knows a fix then please hit me up! Discord- JakaXXXX XXXX =...
  6. thenhlplayer

    Question [HELP] Port forwarding

    Hello, I'm playing in a NHL09 league with few friends trough created server by one of them. We connect to his server by his IP, to choose our game and then play. We used to play trough hamachi (to connect to your opponent) but they told me that i can connect trough direct ip after...
  7. N

    [SOLVED] Can't open any ports, even with DMZ enabled on my modem.

    I am not sure what changed, but for years I was able to host a minecraft server on the port 25565, but now I am unable to open any ports to any services. My current setup is a Motorola SURFboard SBG6580 modem/router acting as a modem, and a Netgear nighthawk R6700v2 router. I have checked my...
  8. S

    [SOLVED] I can't make portfordwarding and I don't know why.Any solution?

    I've done everything to make this. I followed tutorials on internet about portforwarding, make my ip static and then put the ports that i wanted forward. But it doesn't work, and is very frustrating because i don't know why is the reason. I also put the rules in my firewall. I want to open my...
  9. J

    [SOLVED] Minecraft server portfowarding

    Hello, I am hosting a minecraft server on my pc and i have portfoward the server and it is working. But i want to host it on my latop now because it has more ram. If i want to portfoward I am getting a error. This is the error: The specified port (s) are used by other configurations. Check...
  10. PsychicShadow

    Question portforwarding wont work at all

    so im trying to run a minecraft server. everything is running smoothly until i had to port forward. i know how to port forward did it multiple times before succesfully. but now it just wont i have 3 routers (one of them modem router combo, the other 2 archer c1200)the archer c1200's are...
  11. Dmit99

    Info Joining server cause an internet crash

    I live in the Neterlands, YES! I bought a new pc so I can use my old pc as a 'server' so lets start with making it! I live on the attic so my wifi wasn't very good at all so we fixed a cable from the modem on the main floor to the attic. Plugged in a router on bridge mode and here we go! I...
  12. Infectedd

    Question Port Forwarding on TP-Link Archer C9

    Hello! I'm having trouble opening up a server for playing a game with friends. I opened all the needed ports, however, the website https://canyouseeme.org/ can not connect to the port, neither can my friends. I opened the ports on my router, turned off firewall, made exceptions in the firewall...
  13. C

    Question Unturned portforwarding question

    Does this look right? People still cannot connect to my server. My firewall is turned off by the way.
  14. D

    [SOLVED] Ports closed even after portforwarding

    Hi, I'm trying to host a CS:GO server for me and my friends. I have followed steps from the internet on portforwarding, but when trying to test if the port is open (www.yougetsignal.com Port 27015 is closed on 86.50.xx.xxx. ), it claims that the port is closed. Also, my friends can not join the...
  15. J

    Question about PSU's

    I currently have a computer running a gtx 1050 to and am thinking of upgrading to a 1080 due to new graphic card prices. I have a 550w PSU at the moment, and was wondering if I would need to upgrade. My Specs: i7 2600 ( not k) 16 GB ddr3 1333mhz Gtx 1050ti 1tb HDD If I do need to upgrade...
  16. S

    Good Mechanical Keyboard for Under $50

    Just like the title says, I'm looking into a sturdy mechanical keyboard that's preferrably under $50. I don't have money to burn, and I don't wanna spend all of it on simply a keyboard being used for a not-so-good value laptop. The reason that I'm looking into a mechanical keyboard in the...
  17. C

    How to can I make a network adapter into a router?

    Hello! I am trying to set up an advanced network for my house. All i have to work with is a little Linksys Adapter. How can I make this Linksys into a functioning hotspot, maybe even with a landing/greeting/login page when you connect? Thanks in advance!