Question wifi issue where some devices have internet access but some dont

Nov 4, 2019
hey guys, so i had a networking consisting of this:

|----------access point a---- access point to daisy changed access points
ac87u main router ------> switch----access point b ---- access point to daisy changed access points
|-----access point c---- access point to daisy changed access points

so as you can see the switch leads a cat 5 to each of ap a b and c which end up daisy chaining to more access points

i have a total of approx 9 access points in total

so this setup had been working perfectly fine for the past year, but then randomly my ac87u shit out so i replaced it with my ac68u, and then i started having this problem where some people can connect fine but some have no internet access. like if i connect to an access point with my iphone it will work fine, but if someone uses there iphone it will say no internet connection. this issue sometimes happens for laptops, sometimes internet works fine on an android but wont on an iphone.

so i restarted every single piece of equipment a million times and i have the same issue, some people have internet access and some connect to the wifi fine but get no internet access.

i then took off the ac68u and switched my modem to gateway mode and connected the switch to the modem gateway directly. and im still having the same problem

i jsut dont undeerstand why some people connect fine and some dont. and its not even on one set of access points, its on every single on. like if i connect to access point b for example, it will work fine,and if someone else tries connecting with an android or something to the same access point they wont have internet access.

i assume its either my switch went bad too? or do i just have to full recreate the wifi networks by resetting each access point and then making the network again?

If you have the same SSID on everything you may not be connecting where you think you are. I would change to all different SSID so you can tell if maybe you have 1 bad AP in the path. Since when you daisy change them that part of the AP is acting as a switch, the switch part maybe ok but the wifi radio has some issue.

I would also unplug the AP and plug a pc into the cable and see if it works.

It could be a bad cable someplace.

It is unlikely a unmanged switch will fail. Pretty much when they fail they do not even power on.