Will AMD be able to get alot of CPU market share?


Jul 25, 2003
Seems like AMD now has an advantage over Intel in cpu performance and being able to get out new CPUs. But do you think AMD will actually be able to gain alot market share, say 10% again or even more? Intel still holds huge amount of market share and power right now.

Personally, it seems like AMD hasn't been pushing its product that much. I haven't seen than may AMD ads floating around at all. They are going a very low rate and probably will only gain 5% or so market share, before Intel catches up again. It kind of seems like time Athlons were beating PIIIs, AMD was in lead till Intel came out with P4s.


Jan 15, 2002
Their sucessfull switch to 90nm improved their manufacturing capacity by a great deal, you can stuff a lot more 84 square milimeters 90nm CPU dies on a 200mm waffer compared to larger 145 square milimeters 130nm CPUs.

AMD is being cautious right now, they know that Intel has a lot of inventory to liquidate and that they can flood the market with their hot Prescotts.

Competition is good, that makes the market healtyer.

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Things seem fine for Amd right now. Thier fab is working hard. What they seem to be trying to develop, is a good relationship with the server side of the industry.
No doubt, if they pushed Intel too far, they could find themselves in trouble.
They are increasing production, by farming work out. They also have a new fab, that will come online in just over a year. If they play thier cards well, they have a very rosy future, and we have the benefit of solid competition, to keep prices in check.
Personnaly, I hope they never get as big as Intel.