[SOLVED] will gears 5 run on windows 8.1

According to this CHART, it says only Windows 10 OS is supported. But few other websites are listing Windows 7 OS also as compatible. So I presume WIndows 8.1 should also work ??

DSOgaming, and other sites are reporting these specs:

If you preordered Gears 5 or are an Xbox Game Pass subscriber, you can preload the game starting today.

Just head over to the Microsoft Store in your browser and open Gears 5. You should see the option to "Install/play." While it's impossible to play it as of now, you can pre-load it by clicking on the "..." next to the button and installing it to your console of choice.
Also, once you’ve preloaded Gears 5, you’ll want to know when you can actually jump in and play it. The time for the standard version hasn’t been revealed yet, but the early access one has.

If you are able to play early access with Game Pass, you will be able to start playing at 9pm in your local time zone on Sept. 5. That time of day will likely be the same for the day that the standard version releases.

If you’re in the US, that is 9pm ET, wherever you are. So it’d be 6pm PT.

In short,
  1. You can preload Gears 5 to your account now.

  2. The early access version will unlock at 9pm local time on Sept. 5.
^Yeah I saw that, but when you Google Gears 5 on W8 and get nothing, I can't trust it if not confirmed.

It wouldn't be the only game that requires W10 if so, and MS certainly made W10 easy to acquire.

I recall when W10 first released, there were at least one or two titles that were initially announced as being W10 only. After an outcry from fans they ported in W7 support. We are now over 4 years into W10 now though, so don't be surprised if W10 requirement becomes more common.

On a side note, I was worried about updating to 1903, and now that I have, everything is running much snappier. Haven't tried it with games yet, but everyone I asked said the streamlining it employs makes games run better too. Just saying there are solid reasons now to run W10.
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This is actually very confusing. Why will they drop full support for Windows 8/8.1 OS ? I think some users are still using this OS, if I'm not mistaken ?
I'm pretty sure a lot of people (including myself) passed on W8 actually. One of the biggest reasons being they lied about putting back in the traditional Start button. Instead they recanted on that and just said we're launching W10 soon when they realized they could have made W8 so much better. Sure you can use a 3rd party app to put Start back in, but should you have to?

W8 is a lot like Vista, one of the least purchased Windows OSes. Also, when it comes to gaming, W10 brings a lot to the table to make Windows more up to date with things like HDR support, modern API support, etc. You add to that the fact that they literally gave it away free and offered ongoing updates for the trial version (you only lose phone support), and there's no reason to not be on it.

I know a lot of people were upset by all the added telemetry, but it's easy enough to turn all that off. I even use SpyBot Anti-Beacon as well to fully immunize my system against telemetry. W10 has been a painless experience for me.
Yeah, I know Windows 8/8.1 OS was a flop. But the specs for this game are having contradictory results. IF they can add support for Windows 7 OS, then why not 8/8.1, assuming there is still a user base for this OS ?

Though, I have to admit, I disliked the Windows 8/8.1's GUI layout, start menu, and other buttons.
Well at first I was a bit upset it was getting to the point where moving from 7 to 10 was necessary for compat sake, but despite it's few quirks, W10 is definitely a good upgrade. Build 1903 continues to impress, even in brand new releases like Wolf Youngblood I'm finding. Still haven't completely figured out that game, but since becoming more familiar with it, it's getting more fun to play.
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Oct 31, 2014
Im using win 8.1 as well, and i dont want win 10 on my machine. 8.1 has been the most stable i ever had.
I also really wanted to play Gears 5 but from what you say, seems like i wont.