Question Will my internet improve if I change ISP?

Mar 3, 2021
Okay, this is a long one. At the moment, my home internet is of the mobile broadband kind (only thing I can get). That is, a portable router that utilises the mobile network (as far as I understand it.) With that established, there is something I want to know.

A couple of years ago I had a company both as my mobile service provider and ISP (mobile broadband), let’s call them A. The mobile data I got from A (on my phone) where I lived was fairly slow. The internet we got through the router worked better than the phone, but still wasn’t that great (probably because the receiving antennas in a router are better than a phone, if I had to guess).

I then switched my mobile service provider to someone else, let’s call them B. The mobile internet from them was much better. Now, I still have A as my ISP, so my question is: Would my home internet improve if I changed my ISP from A (bad mobile data) to B (good mobile data), considering mobile broadband utilises the same network as mobile data?
It will depend on what the second ISP offers. Do they even offer a home type service. Your current router may or may not work on their system....even if it technically does they may force you to buy one from them.

If all is the same you should get similar performance. This is very tricky to say because of all the fine print in data contract related to how much data they allow you to use each month.


The only mobile home internet provider that's going to be significantly better is one that can offer true 5G next generation(not based on LTE) cellular service. 5G should reduce latency and offer better bandwidth. That would be the one I go with if your only choice is mobile broadband.

If you live out in the country, STARLINK is already in beta and launching in several areas. I just got the notification last week that it's in my area for limited beta testing. Full launch will be within 6-12 months from now for certain parts of the USA. Starlink offers truly competitive performance to landline internet from about 50-150mbps with low latency. It'll be $100 a month though. You can sign up for notification on their website: