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Will Staples' New Win 8 Ad Campaign Offend Customers?

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Why would they be offended? Win8 IS different in terms of experience and you don't have to be a guru to know that.

Also, it's a good solution for when (like the video states) no one wants to teach you about it and don't feel like doing some self-learning.



Dec 20, 2011
[citation][nom]killerclick[/nom]Metro is not complicated, it's stupid. And Windows 8 is not selling very well, so we may see a rollback of some of the more insane design choices.[/citation]

Well it makes sense for smartphones and tablets and even those hybrid touch laptop/tablet devices.


Nov 11, 2010
Come on! how could that offend anybody?? I'm a teen and I like the ad, and so does my parents. I think it's a good ad, but might not be MSFT's favourite ad..


Jan 13, 2010
[citation][nom]wemakeourfuture[/nom]Well it makes sense for smartphones and tablets and even those hybrid touch laptop/tablet devices.[/citation]

Exactly, and since those are not selling, there won't be a point of Microsoft forcing Metro on users, so I expect to see a service pack that restores the Start Menu and allows Metro apps to run windowed in desktop mode. It will be the cheapest way for Microsoft to deal with the problem.


Dec 11, 2006
Kevin, I know a lot of the industry depends on Microsoft's ecosystem doing well, that includes developers, retailers and journalists to some extent, but your assessment of what Windows 8 is and what people make it out to be is biased, and your following quotes provide good indication of that:

Now that Windows 8 has been in the hands of consumers for the past several weeks, talk of the new Modern UI casting a dark shadow over the Windows platform has somewhat subsided. Many have discovered that the new Windows installment just isn't the monster many critics tried to describe.
People who have criticized Windows 8 with more than just the single line sentence have actually given good reasons as to why subverting the user paradigm on the desktop, by making the desktop a Modern (once called Metro) app, and not the other way around is conceptually wrong and that whole misconception then translates into a user experience which is lacking in many respects. And this leads me to the second quote:

But as we've seen since the release of Windows 95, the desktop will likely pushed to the side in favor of the Modern UI just as DOS has with each new release of the Windows platform. DOS is still there (Command Prompt), and Microsoft will undoubtedly do the same with the desktop, tucking it away and out of sight.
This somehow implies (although I'm not sure that is your objective intention) that one day desktop PCs will become nothing more than a glorified, supersized smartphone or tablet, where you can't have more than two programs on your screen at once. The underlying conceptualization that the Modern UI will take over the much superior desktop on proper work computers is not only outlandish but also ridiculous. It's actually akin to saying that DOS is better than Windows. If you don't like or need to multitask, perhaps (and even then we'd be having an argument about it).


Aug 3, 2009
Nope, nothing offending to me. Somebody's making a big fuzz out of nothing. Seems like a typical commercial where a company is trying to offer some added-value to distinguish itself from the other typical stores.


Feb 24, 2007
This entire article seems a bit sensationalist. Tom's has really gone to the dogs lately. :( I miss the good old days when Tom's was strictly about tech, with better journalism.


Jan 10, 2010
Step 1: install silly Windows 8
Step 2: Download and install START Button

Done, your PC is usable again, and you will never even see the silly/stupid tiles again.
OR just don't and stay with Windows 7.


Feb 8, 2012
People will always need help coming to a pretty much completely different UI. Try putting a $600 smartphone in to the hands of someone using a $20 phone, and they usually can't even turn the screen on, let alone do anything else. No need to find anything here offending.



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Apr 6, 2012
What's the fuss about? That includes both the ad and the negative comments. Use it/mod it/don't use it, just don't whine about it...Some of these people are the same that complain about crAPPLE. Hell, go get smart and develope your own OS or learn a hack or two, just quit whining about it.


If a smart alec / disrespectful kid offends you, for godsakes don't watch the Disney channel.


So killerclick states the obvious, that Microsoft "smart" phones and tablets aren't selling well, which is easily backed up with real world statistics, and it gets thumbed down?

Hey Microsoft PR trolls, fuck you! I for one, won't miss you when your gone. I think old Chuck Demejerian summed it up best:


I can't wait for the fantastic era of innovation that will happen once Microsoft closes their doors for good and becomes a relic of the corrupt and monopolistic early era of computing... Cunts.
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