Will Windows Live Mail work with MS office 2000


May 6, 2012
I have been using MS Office 2000 professional with Windows 7 (64 bit) and have no problems with it except the following that has cropped up a short time ago.
MS Word in MS Office 2000 Professional has a function "Send to" and up to recently I could use the function to send a MS Word document via Windows Live Mail. Now however on my desktop a mail program called "Foxmail" is shown up but Windows Live Mail is missing while on my laptop no email program is shown. In both cases the "Send To" function shows as being able to send to a fax recipient or to MS Powerpoint.

I use Windows Live Mail as my regular email program and would like to use it with MS word. Should it work and if so, how do I remove Foxmail and add Windows Live Mail to my Desktop and just add it to my Laptop?


Apr 4, 2012
That's strange so Foxmail kicked out Win Live mail? Did it delete the WLMail Program or is it still installed? That would really tick me off, If that was me I would boycott Foxmail forever. Delete it from my progams and reinstall WLMail again.

Have you ever used MS Outlook or MS Outlook Express they both work with MS Word. As a matter of fact if you write email using one of them they actually open Word so you are constantly in Word until you send your email out. There is one problem,
I've heard that you need the 2010 edition if Outlook to work with windows 7. I think that you can still get Outlook Express for free from the net. Try it.

I've just completed this build and I have MS Office 2003 and I'd like to see if it will work with Windows 7. I can't justify spend money on Office 2010 when MS will probably have a new Office Suite coming out soon.

Sorry I couldn't help but I gave you something to think about anyway.

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