Question Win 10 immediately closes programs

Mar 27, 2021
Hi all, i am having an issue with my Win 10, my pc works fine, however as soon as i do a win update every program i open immediately closes without any error, the only program that does not seem to auto close is Discord as well as the native Win stuff like CMD, Services.exe etc. I have looked everywhere online for a solution and nothing seems to work.
The most prominent "solution" is to do an SFC/Scannow and then run a couple of Dsim check health, restore health etc. The SFC Scannow does find a problem, which after running the Dsim checks goes away. However it does not work and my problem still persists until i do a System Restore.

The only way that i can have things working normally is to do a system restore, and postpone Win Updates, but I don't think that this "solution" could be viable in the long run. Has anyone had this problem and found a solution? Win decided to install the updates today, and i know as soon as i restart my PC i will have to do a System Restore.
You can use Windows Media Creation tool and try an Update My PC Now option. That is basically a reinstall of windows, and makes an Windows.old folder on your boot drive that you can remove later.

If that doesn't fix it, use Media Creation tool to create a bootable USB and Wipe and Reinstall windows.

the update now thing doesn't disturb your data. but, if i were you, i would get all your imporatnt docs and pictures and video backed up and verified.