[SOLVED] Windows 10 crashes but Ubuntu works fine ?

Aug 25, 2021
Computer Type: Desktop
GPU: RX Vega 56
Motherboard: Asrock b450m Pro4
BIOS Version: 3.90
RAM: 16GB Kingston 2400 MHZ CL17
PSU: Rosewill 1000W 80+ GOLD Semi Modular
Operating System & Version: WINDOWS 10 PRO 20H2
GPU Drivers: Amd Enterprise 21q2

Description of Original Problem: Windows 10 crashes during driver install and during the loading screen if drivers are installed from a previous session. This is only a problem on Windows 10, fresh installs included. Ubuntu operates normally.

Troubleshooting: I went into safemode to uninstall my gpu drivers, booted back into normal mode, and installed enterprise drivers, which caused my pc to crash during the installation processes. I've repeated the same process a few times, even installing drivers without the software, and I even managed to get the drivers installed once or twice without crashing (but it would crash at startup if I turned on the pc after a shutdown).

With Windows being basically unusable, I reinstalled Ubuntu on my main drive and have been using that OS for about a week with no crashes whatsoever. I stress tested my machine with Doom Eternal on the latest version of proton (+gamemode) with no hiccups, and overclocking/undervolting through openctrl produced 0 negative results during my sessions.
Even with fresh installs of windows 10, I've failed to reliably make it past driver installation, but Ubuntu seems to be completely fine in terms of stability. I'm extremely confused.
I've ran memtests and diskchecks and I haven't recieved any errors from those as well.

My gpu doesn't overheat and is powered by two separate cables. No artifacting has ever occured on either OS. I am currently using the amd drivers that come preinstalled with Ubuntu 20.04 tls.


Win 10 Master
Aug 25, 2021
Are you using Windows 10 media creation tool to make a new installer?

a lot of the time if you have problems installing windows I find its ram
download Prime 95 for linux - https://www.techspot.com/downloads/5679-prime95.html
Prime 95 how to Guide: http://www.playtool.com/pages/prime95/prime95.html
its just another test, it checks ram and CPU.

I suspect its hardware even though it works fine on linux. Linux isn't as stressing as windows is.
I never had issues installing windows 10, but I just found out the issue. After Windows 10 installed my amd graphics driver, the system blacked out and crashed. Afterwards, I pullet out a ram stick from my b1 slot, leaving me with only 8gb of ram on my a1 slot, and turned on the computer. The PC booted into windows normally and I experienced 0 crashes afterwards.
I guess I need to buy some more ram then.