Question Windows 10 freezes during restart or updates

Nov 16, 2019

Ok that's my problem.
When I try to restart my PC from Windows 10 Menu or do an update of Windows, the restart screen appears with the loop and the message "restart" or "Working on updates : Don't turn off your PC. This will take a while". The problem is after 10-30 seconds, the loop freezes indefinitely and the only way to shut down my PC is to press for 3 seconds PC's power button.
When I restart it, I arrive in the boot screen of Windows 10 (also with a loop) that I see every time I turn on my PC, except that this time the boot loop also freezes and I must reinstall Windows 10 OS with boot's menu and an USB Key to reuse my PC.
The problem persists since 8 months and every time I must reinstall Windows 10 (I loose all my files), I don't restart my PC from Windows 10's button and I block the updates.

My Setup :
CPU : I7-2600 4-Core 3.40GHz
GPU : GTX 460
Memory : 12GB
Storage : Disk with 1.8TB
OS : Windows 10 64 bits

Can you help me, to solve this persistant problem ?
Thank you :)
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The next time the PC is booted and running check Reliability History and Event Viewer for error codes and warnings that correspond with the loop freezes.

Take a look at Update History. There should be some records regarding the success and failure of various updates.

The objective is to discover some specific reason for the loop freezes/failures to update.

At some point Windows 10 is going to insist on updating. And will try to do so.

The further back/behind your system is with respect to updates the update process will take longer and certainly may be more complicated.


Win 10 Master
what motherboard? Do you have the newest bios? I realise its not new but it might help.

restarts/updates are the only time Windows with fast startup turned on, is actually off. So it seems your PC doesn't like turning off. Its possible a Power setting in bios conflicts with windows.

how does that 12gb of ram work exactly? I 8gb & 1 4gb? how long you had it like so?
Nov 16, 2019
Unfortunately, I did not find any Windows errors on Reliability History, Event Viewer or Update history about the loop's freeze because the last reinstallation of Windows 10 was the 04/10/2019 and since I avoided updates and restarts. Before 04/10/2019, I don't have any informations.
But I find advanced informations about my PC and actually my PC has the fast startup enabled.

  • PC : HP Pavilion Elite HPE-550fr
  • Memory : Dual Channel DDR3 12 GB
  • BIOS : 7.08 16/02/2011 (UEFI), I don't know where, I can update it
  • Motherboard :
Product : 2AB6
SerialNumber : 108992000004656
Version : 1.04

The problem started a few months after my friend gave it to me but he did not have these problems.



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