Sep 17, 2019
Hi everybody! Just joining the forum, looking for some help.

Got a Hades Canyon NUC few days ago, with 2x16gb of ram and 2x512gb sabrent rocket ssd nmve m.2.
I can't get how to install windows 10.

I describe you my steps:
  • mounted ram and both of the ssds
  • downloaded the windows10 media tool creation software, and got a copy of the windows on the usb pen I'm using for the instllation
  • modified the settings into the bio, (into RAID), and activated the 2 m.2 slots

Now, when I reboot and launch the RST by the bios, it tells me there's no drives.
Even If I start installing, and I try to get some drivers to get the computer to run, it does not show me the 2 SSD drives, so can't get to install windows 10.

Where am I wrong?

PLease, I need some help o_Oo_Oo_O
Sep 17, 2019
Ok, so. The manifacturer does not have a download link/drivers to download.
Generic ones does not work, and seems like the only way is to contact them to get specific drivers, or get windows7 instead of 10, that will use its own generic ones....
I will try.
Anybody does have the same configuration (intel hades canyon nuc + sb-rocket-512 nvme)?


You can try it with just the Intel RST drivers and see if that makes them show up. It is a tad odd that 7 sees them but 10 does not. Especially considering that 10 is more built around the idea of NVMe drives than 7 as 7 came out before NVMe came out.