Question Windows 11 Boot problems


Oct 12, 2018
I recently got a new computer and it was running well for about 2 weeks. I have run into problems where windows 11 can't boot properly anymore. Every time I boot my computer, it goes through 3 cycles trying to get windows to boot right. Once the 3 cycles of it trying to boot are over, it says windows couldn't boot properly. I also got an error code of 0xc0000001 before. I have performed countless scans on the nvme drive which holds my windows but no errors were found. I have also rebuilt the MBR in cmd, everything. The only way I can boot into windows properly is by booting into safe mode, then restarting once I get into safe mode, then it boots into normal windows. I have come to the conclusion that this is a windows 11 error, not a hardware problem.

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
I have run into problems where windows 11 can't boot properly anymore
it's not uncommon for an OS to become corrupted.
whether that means the entire OS is unusable, booting issues start to arise, or other smaller issues will begin to occur depends on the what data is actually corrupted.

there are quite a few different ways to attempt repairing.

you can try to scan and repair through the Windows install package,
you can choose to Reset through the built-in Recovery options,
you can try sfc /scannow through the cmd line with fix parameters in place,
or you can just perform a fresh OS installation,..etc