Wireless Mice And Their Wireless Charging At CES 2018

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IMO the Qi mousepad is kind of a dolt idea... I mean, it makes sense for the mouse when it needs to be recharged, but really the only reason I see to pay the extra for one of these "true-wireless mice" is if they can charge while in use, such as with the powerplay offering from Logitech.

If people need another qi appliance - they're far cheaper as the basic pads with the same level of functionality; even if your mouse has to sit still, there's not much of a difference except for it being a pragmatic storage location.

An acceptable qi pad runs $1.70CAD from China. As for the dongles, honestly, those have always been a PITA for me. The only Qi item I've had that worked perfectly was the Nexus 4, and that's because the coils were totally integrated. Phones just don't seem to play nicely with aftermarket addons, except maybe the ones for LG designed specifically to integrate with their battery.

So yea - Corsair's offering seems pretty pointless to me, at no doubt an exceptional cost, when the real article for the same is basically way cheaper. Only useful thing I have on my desk is a Qi-base headset stand. And I bought that because I needed a headset stand, the Qi was just a nice bonus. The difference was I paid $12 for a solid one vs. $7 for the cruddy ones.... so it really is a mediocre consideration.

Simon Anderson

Sep 22, 2013
hmm, i've got a preceision 'wired' mouse for gaming and a logitech wireless mouse for searching cat videos: I don't think i've replaced my wireless mouse batteries in three years or more! Is wireless charging really a big deal? Maybe on higher permonance wireless mice used more than i used mine *shrug* i dunno, they seem to last figuratively for ever...
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