Question Wireless Networking Options


Dec 9, 2020
Good Morning/Afternoon

I have a nice PC rig that I was actually given a few months ago minus a videocard, While we have the videocard sorted out, we are having difficulty getting internet. I have a cable running from our Google Home pod to the Ethernet and the speeds are garbage. I want to get a USB wireless card for the desktop but am not sure what brand or where to start. I am hoping someone here can give me some guidance. Not sure if you need my specs. We have Xfinity internet currently. We live in a 2 bedroom apartment with our modem in the front of the apartment in our living room, The PC is setup in the 2nd bedroom towards the back of the apartment.

Let me know what else you need.

Thank You
Ethernet should always be faster than wifi. A good cat5e or better ethernet cable can go 100 meters and run full gigabit speed.
Make sure you did not buy fake cable. Many people buy those flat cables which have very thin wires that do not meet the standards to be called a ethernet cable. The wires must be 22-24 awg and be pure copper. Make sure you see these specs when you buy cables, if not it is likely fake so you should find another vendor.

Wifi is no way to predict your house and how it is laid out and what the walls are made of is far more important than different equipment. The difference between equipment is very very small compared to the difference in houses.

In general is you are looking for a usb card you want one that comes with a extension cable to allow you to put the device away from the machine and it should be fairly large. The size of the antenna is rather important. The ones to avoid are those tiny devices that almost are hidden inside the port.

I would first try the pc connected directly to the router with a short ethernet cable just to test that there is not some strange software issue causing this. I would then use a quality ethernet cable rather than any form of wifi.