Would my PSU run a HD6850


Aug 22, 2011
Right now, I'm running a HD4850 on a chieftec APS 400-s PSU, which has 400W of power and 18A on the 12v rails.
Got an intel e7200 cpu, 4 DDR2 ram sticks and 2 hard drives.
I don't mean to overclock the gpu and was wondering if my gpu would even run on this gpu.
EDIT... I just realized you were looking for a video card upgrade also from your 4850, missed that in your titles. the post bellow is correct, if you go to a 6850, you want to upgrade to a more powerful PSU.

OLD post not correct
A system with a 4850 in this test http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/radeon-hd-4850,1957-20.html used about 250 watts total power.

You did not word your question very well here but I'm guessing you were asking if you can run the new CPU and the extra drives along with your video card on the 400 watt PSU. Yes, you can.


Jun 25, 2011
With Just 18A On your !2V Rail, Power = 12 * 18 = 216W Only.
Running A Dual Core E7200 And ATi 6850 On That Will Blow Off Your PC Soon Enough.
Please Upgrade Your PSU To Something Like An Antec,Corsair, Cooler Master.

I Would SUggest The Corsair 500VX2 - 80 Plus Certified!
Or If You Are Low On Budget, Try To Get A Seasonic PSU!