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  1. D

    Question Should I upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 8/8.1

    Windows 7 support will end soon so I've been thinking to switch to another os I tried Windows 10 but It lags and my laptop doesn't have any drivers for it I'm thinking of Installing Windows 8/8.1 Here's my laptop It has a driver for...
  2. J

    Question I bought a used Dell PRecision 7720 on Ebay - Some questions on it and Was it Worth it?

    I bought a used dell precision 7720 on ebay for $520. IT came with 64gb ram, i5-7440hq, AMD wx 4130, 2tb Hd, 1 TB samsung NVME. IT did not come with any OS installed though. I have several questions though: 1) Do you guys think this laptop was worth it for the price and specs? 2) Since it...
  3. L

    Question Can I install Windows 8 from USB to an External HDD, on Windows 10?

    I have a desktop running Windows 10. I own an empty HDD, and a USB preloaded with Windows 8 (and I have activation key). I would like to install Windows 8 on the external HDD so that when it is plugged in, I can choose to either boot from Windows 8 or Windows 10. Do I need to format my...
  4. K

    Question Transfering a certificate

    Greetings everyone! I've ran into a problem and don't know how to solve it. My uncle bought a new computer, and I don't know how to transfer the bank certificate, since the export private key option is grayed out. The old computer (computer A) is an old Toshiba laptop with Windows 8.1...
  5. R

    Question Moved from HDD to SSD, same OS, boot up is different?

    Hello all, I have a bit of a difficult question today. I'm changing over from a hard drive to an SSD and have the OS installed on both at the moment (Windows 8.1, same disc used). The strange thing is, when booting from the SSD my boot up is a little different. On the hard drive it goes to BIOS...
  6. R

    [SOLVED] 2 Hard Drives (One SSD, One HDD, Both with Windows) Easiest Way to Switch?

    Hello all, I was curious what the easiest way to do this will be. I've had an SSD with Windows installed for the past couple of years, but I didn't switch from the HDD because I was in school and was doing work on there pretty regularly. I know I'll need to update Windows on the SSD, but I want...
  7. Y

    [SOLVED] How to reinstal OS Windows 8 upgrade 10

    Greetings people, I have a PC which I need to reinstall OS. We buy Windows 8.1 few years ago and when Microsoft relase free upgrade to Windows 10 we do that. Now I need to reinstall PC and how to keep Windows 10? Is key for Windows 8 or Windows 10 ? Thank you
  8. marek_shields

    Question Which GPU is better? (ASUS vs EVGA)

    Looking to get a 2080 Ti in the near future and, after doing some research, narrowed down the list to just a few cards. Two of the cards in particular that I was looking at are the following: ASUS ROG Strix RTX 2080 Ti OC (ROG-STRIX-RTX2080TI-O11G-GAMING) EVGA RTX 2080 Ti FTW3 (11G-P4-2487-KR)...
  9. M

    Question 0xc000021a Error

    I got a BSOD with error code 0xc000021a. It happened after a Windows 10 update that took place April 1. I disabled driver signatures and I'm back up but how do I fix the problem since it will probably come back if I restart or shut down the computer and turn it back on.
  10. B

    Question Crossfire RX 470s

    hmm i have a 550w FSP psu and i'm really really want to increase my rig a little bit, i think i will crossfire 2 RX470, which i owned one and gonna buy 1 more btw but first, could anyone tell me that can my psu handle 2 RX470 ? my spec: i5 2500k 8gb of 1333 ram 1 hdd 220gb 7200rpm of wd 1 hdd...
  11. O

    Question Amd RX580 8g gpu usage drops to 0 while gaming

    I have a problem with my Rx508 8Gig card, My gpu usage drops to 0% and ill get a freeze while playing Ark, Dead By Deadlight and Risk of Rain 2(only games im having this problem) Problem cropped up a few weeks ago was intermittent now its a constant freeze for 1-2 seconds every 30seconds to a...
  12. B

    Question Upgrade without losing software

    I have an old Dell PC that runs an older commercial vinyl cutter. The cutter is a high quality Graphtec and in great shape, but PC is old. The cutter runs off a parallel port and the cutter software is no longer supported. It has Windows XP Professional - Pentium (R) 4 CPU 3.00 GHz 2.99 GHz...
  13. NomadSub7

    Question Upgrading motherboard

    Hi I currently have a ASUS MAXIMUS VIII HERO thinking of upgrading but don't really want to upgrade the whole system CPU i7 i7-6700K M.2 Samsung SSD 970 Evo NVMe Mem G.SKILL 3200 (DDR4) 16/3200 TRIDENT Z PSU Seasonic X-650 GPX Asus 1050i I like Asus mobo been using them for years - any...
  14. E

    Question Will my gpu fit this mount?

    My gpu=XFX Rx 590 fatboy (takes up 2.5 pci slots) The mount I want=Cooler Master MasterAccessory Vertical Graphics Card Holder Kit Will this card fit?
  15. N

    Question RTX 2070 or GTX 1660 Ti

    Hey, I really can't decide if it's wort spending almost 200$ more to get the RTX 2070. I want to be able to get 144 fps on 1080p while streaming Apex and Fortnite with Nvenc, and around 45 FPS on X-Plane 11 (I also know xplane is VRAM intensive so that's also a factor). Right now I have a 1050...
  16. R

    Question Is my PC 1440p ready?

    Hello guys, My awesome friend gave me his old PC and I wondering if you could tell me if it would work well with a 1440p monitor. Specs are; i7 6700k @4gz 16gb 2400 ddr4 SSD+HDD GTX 980TI ASRock Z170 PRO4s Thank you:-)
  17. N

    Question Any suggestions on changes to my draft build

    I'm looking to build my first PC, this is the draft I've created through the research I've done. I'm looking for any tips on improvements I can make and I was recommended to come here. I wanted a future-proof system with the capability to run whatever I wanted on good settings for years to...
  18. D

    Question Clean install windows 10 - same hard drive shows up twice

    Hey guys. So I just built a new PC - Ryzen 5 1600 and Asus ROG Strix B450-F Gaming Mobo with a Samsung 860 QVO 1TB SSD. I used a flash drive to clean install windows 10 and everything works fine, but now my bios shows the boot priority as follows: View: View...
  19. NotSoGoodAtComputers

    Question What motherboard should i buy?

    Hello i want to buy a new budget motherboard for a case i got, but i don't know what motherboard i should buy. I have a gtx 1050. Any suggestions?
  20. Vikorz

    Question Samsung S6 or Honor 10 lite?

    I just had a quick question and was wondering if it'd be worth selling my s6 for £60 and buying an Honor 10 lite for £200? Thanks!