Jun 8, 2011
How i can get a 3rd party firmware compatible with this router and that has bandwidth management functions since i live in a house with lots of computer thanks to all my 4 brothers that love to download stuff all day and dont let me to game in peace :C I tried the QoS but it aint working right Please! thanks


Sep 29, 2012
Third party firmware is easy and not so easy to do. You really have to study the forums for dd-wrt or tomato closely. Just the model number alone sometimes is not enough there are hardware revision numbers that may use different process to load the firmware or in worst case some new verisons stop supporting it at all.

Many buffalo brand routers use a preloaded variant of dd-wrt still I have not study them long enough to know which features of dd-wrt they had and which they removed.

If you have the money one of the current popular routers is a asus n66u. This router can load the largest dd-wrt images. But for your use you may not have to, the stock firmware has a QoS function similar to what you want. It can limit by bandwidth. Many of the asus routers can load dd-wrt you just have to study the fine print.

Now once you get this feature it is only somewhat useful. It is better than the High/medium/low junk some routers call qos. The main problem is you are dropping packets AFTER you have already received them. All this does is force the PC to request them a second effect INCREASING the traffic. The only reason this partially works is that is it uses a method called TCP slowdown to try to recover the data. As soon as it does it will attempt to speed right back up again and you will drop more packets. It does work but not as well as some people think.