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The latest case comparison...showed a typical cheap case with a good display, and some higher quality cases (mid to high quality materials). So I went to the features table to see, and what do I find?

Case Material: Metal!

Now, my periodic table of the elements list a WHOLE BUNCH of metals. Are some of these made of lead? Others made of steel? Hey, some metals are more valuable than others!

Tom's is a major site. They could just tell us that most of these cases were steel/plastic, and at least 1 of them was steel/aluminum. Worse yet, I recognised a couple of those as being derived from the same chassis Thermaltake sells as the 7000 steel chassis, so I know those are 1.0mm, but that cheap case, what is it 0.5mm?

I'd even be happy with a guess, as long as it was a GOOD guess (+/- .1mm).

Reminds me of when Tom's did a heatsink article and told everyone those cheap black sinks were made of steel, when we all know they were just undersized (hence the poor performance) anodized aluminum. I've owned just about every cheap sink known to the industry, all were aluminum.

So getting back to cases, STEEL and ALUMINUM are both metals, if you're going to DISCRIBE things BE DISCRIPTIVE.

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Jun 25, 2004
Man, stop it!! I'm dying over here. My god that was funny. I know I whipped out my periodic table as well. I looked and looked but no element called "metal" that I could find. I read that roundup yesterday but didn't notice that faux pas. LOL funny, funny indeed.

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