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Apr 27, 2019
I've used Norton security for the last ten years and it keeps me out of trouble. But now and then I get error messages that I don't know what to do about them. One of those is 'wweb32.exe' System Error which started to appear a couple of days ago always at computer startup. I've searched the machine but can't find this error anywhere.

Looking on Google isn't much help as pages there only want you to download programs that will search for this error and won't fix it until you buy the software.

Can anyone shed some light on this annoying popup and how to get rid of it?

Thanks a lot.


Sep 13, 2002
It’s a virus I just looked it up it gets auto run every time your PC boots up and logs in

Norton security is the most horrid pile of crap in the universe you would be better off using windows built-in defender because obviously the Norton miss this one

Must’ve had wordweb installed at some time Or some virus package Did

You should be able to find a reference to this file inside the registry in the area where they run programs that start up but I don’t recommend most users making changes to the registry

Clean install windows from a USB stick and don’t install any crap programs. There are plenty of free office products out there like libre office that don’t have viruses built-in. Also don’t run Norton AV because it will slow your system down and it’s generally useless.
windows has its own antivirus software built in which is very nice and effective and doesn’t slow your PC down
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Phillip Corcoran

Try removing/disabling it from your list of programs which start when Windows starts. Ccleaner can help you there:

Open the "Startup" module in Ccleaner to see what's currently set up to start with Windows.
When you select a startup item you can take control of it using the buttons on the right.
"Disable" is the safest option as it can easily be re-enabled if you get it wrong.