X58 driver issues


Aug 1, 2007

I bought a P6t from Newegg open box and it suffered from lag spikes in games and slow windows performance in vista 64 bit. I even tried windows 7 beta but still had performance issues. I thought it was board and returned it (since wasnt in good physical condition anywayz) and got a brand new msi platnium sli. It did the same thing. I thought was psu soo checked psu specs and talked to maker (silverstone top notch). Well capable of handling my setup (920i normal clock and 260 gtxs in sli 55nm and one hardrive couple fans). The psu i have is silverstone zeus st750zf.... now im lost.

-I checked with one card and switched cards also same problem.
-I swapped ram and ran only two and one sticks, same problem (corsair ddr 1333 xms 3gig tripple channel)
-I checked ram timings and voltage all ok.
-I installed lastest nvidia drivers 182.08 drivers and older drivers 177 no effect. Also when I was running windows 7 had latest nvidia windows 7 gpu drivers.
-I also checked temps which were fine (cpu 40c, gpu's 50c, system 34 c)

Heres where caught my problem, windows shot up a thing in right corner said chipset compatibility problem. When clicked on it told me to go to intel download latest chipset driver. The driver I was running was from MSI site. Soo went to intel site which is horrible and poor driver download and support page. The driver it referenced me to was but under release notes it stated nothing about supporting x5 series chipsets. Said 4 but no 5. I installed it anyways, helped a little but still had perfomance issues. By this point i realized that all chipset drivers for x58 were from intel and same regardless of board. So went to best mobo maker could think of (evga) and downloaded their x58 chipset driver And boom I witnessed a noticable performance gain in just windows alone. In my game my fps shot up to 125 fps (where i have it set) and stayed their rock solid instead of struggling with 9.1.1007 driver. It also fixed my compatibility issues in windows.

I'm curious if anyone else has had x58 driver issues? I was wondering if its because intel didnt support 64 bit os's until the 1012 driver, since im running visita 64 bit and did have issues with windows 7 64 bit. Either way the intel driver download and support site is horrible. This is why i want a nvidia i7 board sigh... never had driver issue with nvidia and if i did they fixed it quick or went to a older driver with no problem...


Mar 17, 2010
I am having issues exactly like you stated. I'm running XP 64bit and I lag in windows, I lag in games and I shouldn't be with my setup. I am gonna try the update and let you know.

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