Feb 25, 2006
When shutting down BF2 i removed the dvd in mid operation and as usual the program complains about this and i end task it. but instead it bsods it and now windows is corrupt and wont start. anyone knows what might fix this?

it also seems that if i try to reinstall windows it crashes the installation. when i choose to install windows on c: (my previous windows is there) it crashes the installation before im able to choose to format c: :O

and the partition c: is 12 gb large but theres about 4 gb free when i last checked however windows installation says theres 12 gb free and that the file system is unknown. seems like it all went sour at once. when i just boot up windows normally it comes as far as the initiation screen for xp you know where the green little bar goes forward in the little bar window and theres a big windows logo and the background is black then after 5 seconds it bsods but only shows it for 0.1 seconds so i dont have time to see anything before it just reboots

okay it is starting to lean towards a case of bad ntfs, which should mean everythings corrupt


May 17, 2004

I think your conclusion is right. Somehow your whole partition got damaged by taking out a disk early...

Damn that's bad luck.