May 5, 2009
I would like to bounce an idea off the rest of the tech smart world. My buddy brought over is POS Dell today to try and fix it. Now I usually try and stay away from these machines because I hate Dells and any other assembly line computer for that matter. But I can't tell a friend no.

Simply put, it will not start. I cracked the case open and checked all the connection and made sure everything was properly seated. I did notice that it had a rather large video card, and a rather small power supply. The graphics card I believe is an 8800, and with everything else in the case (two optical drives, sound card, huge cpu heat sink and fan, etc) that the puny 375 watt stock psu. Now, I plugged in the case and hit the power button and nothing. The dell power button blinks and orange color and there is diode that is orange on the mother board. Other then that, nothing. Nothing kicks on, no fans run, nothing at all.

First, is it possible with a shot PSU, that those lights would still turn on? Even unplugging optical drives and such, the thing would not kick over. Anyone got any ideas?