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  1. Julian.w

    Build Advice Recommended Components for Server

    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and I have a question: I'm working in a small office where we need an easier way to deploy software, updates etc. By now, I have to go to every PC, log into every local user account (there are several on each PC) and install updates, software etc. We currently...
  2. U

    Question How to use remote desktop ThinClient with Android tethering

    Hi, At my job, we use a system of small HP Thin Clients (t410 Smart Zero if it matters) as remote desktops running Windows Server to do all our tasks, and we also get one we can take to work from home, which uses a VPN to connect to the central server through our home internet. When I connect...
  3. N

    Question Windows Server 2016 MySql Workbench wont install

    Hello, Like the title says I have a VPS running windows server 2016 and when I try and install workbench I get "MySql Workbench requires the visual c++ 2015 redistributable package" I have installed it and all updates to it and I have .net framework 4.5 as required too. If you know why this...
  4. A

    [SOLVED] How to enable bitlocker for domain laptops?

    Hello, my question is about bitlocker. I have gone through many different tutorials and websites, and been trying to get this to work for 7 hours now. No luck so far. My simple question is how to enable bitlocker for domain laptops? So if it gets stolen for example, and leaves domain, then the...
  5. G

    [SOLVED] Home server HELP

    So i have a question I have a pc at home and I want to use it with 2 monitors bit with 2 deskops so the computer could be used by 2 users at the same time. Specs: i5 3350p 2x4gb ram amd hd 7770 1th hdd 240ssd. Can I use a windows server os to use these pc by 2 users at the same time or which...
  6. D

    [SOLVED] Will windows 10 run on a HP ProLiant DL380 G7 2U 8x

    Hi i have a spare HP proliant dl380 g7 2u 8x and i would like to set it up with windows 10 i have heard that if i install windows server then windows 10 it will work but i just wanted to make sure and ask here
  7. M

    Question Trying to use parity in Windows Server 2019 Storage Spaces

    I am trying to create either a raid 5, or a raid 6 array in my new R730XD running Windows Server 2019, but I am running into a problem. I can create a simple (raid 0), and a mirrored (raid 1) array just fine, but when I try to use any kind of parity I receive an odd error. It errors and says...
  8. Benkberg97

    Question Cannot join domain on Win 10 Clients, but Mac clients can

    Hi all, I recently installed a Windows Server 2019 DC and setup a static ip of for the DC. All of my Macs can join the domain, but on the Windows 10 PCs, I get the dreaded, "An active directory domain controller could not be contacted... Domain does not exist." I can ping the DC by...
  9. N

    [SOLVED] DHCP Issue - Some PC not getting internet connectivy

    Hi Everyone, I have a bit of a situation here and need your advise on what might be the issue. I have a DC which also host DHCP, now everything was working fine until the DHCP started giving issue (all clients getting 169.254.X.X IP). After that happened I put in a recommendation to redo the...
  10. WeirdTechBuilder

    Question How long does a Corsair RM1000X last?

    About 5 years ago, I built my PC and installed an RM1000X in it. Now, I’m in the process of upgrading the majority of parts (GPU, memory, Case, cooler, fans, RGB lighting). I’m certain that the PSU can handle the load, and it’s 80+ gold. However, would the age make the PSU a bad choice, and...
  11. M

    [SOLVED] Bios update went wrong

    I updated my bios just like the computer told me to, unfortunately I accidentally closed the tab and now, I try to update it again but it got error and can't be updated. What's wrong with the computer? It is a laptop by the way
  12. D

    Fan doesn't turn on ASUS G551VW

    Hello, It's been a while that i'm struggling with my laptop fan. it didn't turn on until the CPU temp reached about 80 C or even higher. so i had the thermal paste changed. but it didn't help. now, after a month, it doesn't even turn on at high temperatures! also Speedfan doesn't recognize the...
  13. S

    Looking for correct RAM sticks to add to current ones.

    In four sticks of RAMs, should tRAS, the fourth value in timing, match for all four sticks of RAM for stability of a system? Or does it even matter? Thanks in advance.
  14. mathiasd.hauge

    Cpu fan full speed?

    First my specs: Asus p5b plus 4gb ram 4*1GB 800mhz E8400 280w psu Nvs 290 250GB hdd When i boot my pc, the cpu fan go full speed (or very fast). It also gets stuck on BIOS Flash screen. So I can’t get into windows. The only way I get into bios is by removing and replacing the cmos battery. In...
  15. W

    Can't boot past windows loading screen, works perfectly in safe mode

    My pc has been working perfectly fine and this morning has decided to wake up on the wrong side of the bed. It will sit on the windows loading screen (white dots, blue windows logo) and not progress from that point at all, even after leaving it for an hour. After trying to restart it a few...
  16. M

    [SOLVED] Worth an upgrade? i5 6600k 1080 ti - £600

    So I was out this weekend, and my best mate has just blown £6k on a totally new rig, and I've got upgrade envy. Currently running an i5 6600k @4.3ghz with a Corsair H100i, 1080 ti, 8gb ram and a couple of SSDs with an ASUS MX299Q (long story). I haven't upgraded for a while, but can really...
  17. M

    [SOLVED] MSI X470 Gaming Plus RAM compatibility

    Hello, I'm new here. I've a question about RAM. Will Corsair CMW16GX4M2C3200C14 work with an MSI X470 Gaming Plus motherboard? CPU is a Ryzen 5 2600X
  18. A

    [SOLVED] Best bang for the buck CPU, Mobo, Memory?

    I’m looking for a good mobo cpu memory combo for the money I’m in the U.S Cali I will only game at 1440144hz/4K60hz it will go in: Corsair 460x Case with 6 fans Corsair AX860 PSU Corsair H100iv2 x2 Samsung 850Evo 500GB RTX 2080
  19. S

    PC startup issues

    I built this PC about 2 months ago. Up until this week, it had run smoothly with little to no issues. It has an i5 8400, b350 MSI mortar, 16GB ddr4 2666 Ram, gtx1070ti, 500gb m.2 SSD, 2 terabyte hard drive, EVGA 650 watt power supply. This is the order in which the events have occurred. It...
  20. M

    Specific low performance gaming issues

    Hi guys, I've come to u guys today in need of answers, I have just recently bought Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 like so many else, but unlike my friends with lower end systems, I am not very pleased with how it runs :s I just wanna start of by presenting my system: GPU: GTX 1080 CPU: I7 7700K...