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    Make SAS Hard Drive work in PC without RAIDing

    Hello I recently got given a 4TB hard drive (computer and HDD spec to follow at the end) for free by a friend and only realized after I received it that it was an SAS rather than SATA drive. Doing some research I discovered that they sold adapters to change SATA data and power cables into a...
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    Do 1440p 60hz monitor run 1080p 144fps or 240fps

    Do 1440p 60hz monitor run 1080p 144fps or 240fps
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    Dell Precision T5400 with LGA1366 socket

    I thought my Dell Precision T5400 had the LGA 771 socket. But I just confirmed through CPU-Z and Speccy that it is indeed the 1366 socket (with Xeon E4406 CPU). Is it possible I have another system motherboard that was mistakenly place into the T6500 chassis? Everything I've read about the T5400...
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    Ntoskrnl.exe cause bsod

    Hi, I get bluescren while browsing or playing games, my laptop specs: - i7-6700hq - nvidia 950m - 1tb hdd - 4 + 4gb ram What I did: - reinstall windows - update drivers - run memtest - update video driver. Minidump files:
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    Should i buy my Gpu From newegg or amazon? 60$ Difference Newegg cheaper

    So guys i've realised that newegg Sells cheaper Gpu's than the ones from amazon, is newegg safe??? or do they sell defected parts, should i buy from amazon or newegg? i really dont mind paying an extra 60$ for knowing that it will be alright
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    Upgrade path from an I5 7500

    I have an I5 7500, 16bg ram at 3400mhz, gtx 1070 on a gigabyte ga-z270m-d3h mobo. My storage is a 1tb hdd and two 500gb ssd's. I have everything in the phantek enthoo case cooled with be quiet fans/cpu cooler. This is all powered by a be quiet 600w 80+ silver psu. I can run all my games at...
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    new system build/help/advice

    I've had my current system now for 8.5 years (other then the video card which I upgrade more frequently)...I'm finally looking into building a new one...but technology and hardware has changed so much ((NVMe, MLC/TLC, M.2 etc) that I'm slightly overwhelmed...I've been researching online the past...
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    Looking to get back into PC Gaming after over a decade. I'm a little rusty...

    Hi guys. I've been out of PC gaming for over 13 years: it's been consoles and MAC Books since Nickleback and Avril Lavigne were popular. The last PC I built, had a 512 mb graphics card (7800 GTX, if I remember corrrctly), and it was a beast at the time. Now, I'm skimming these forums and I'm...
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    Windows 10 keyboard issues

    So I have a problem with my Windows 10 keyboard, when i type everything is jumbled up, here's an example of what i mean here are the numbers: 123456780909 (so the 0909 is when I press 9 and 0 so 9[09] and 0 [09] are the results) then here is the alphabet QWERTY style: q w e r t y u I po (p...
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    PCIe x2 twice as fast as x1?

    I'm in the market for an 8-port PCIe SATA III adapter card, which I'll use in JBOD mode rather than RAID. I only wanted 6 ports, but I couldn't find such. I found one card that requires an x1 slot and another that requires x2 (or more, of course). I can use either card in my current system...
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    Ram Hardware Reserved 8.1 GB

    Hello i just noticed after a while ago that my hardware reserved ram was too much for some reason(8.1GB Hardware Reserved on 16GB RAM). After some researching and some attemps for fixing that none worked i bought two new RAM(4 in total 2 old RAM and 2 new). My problem is that my PC will boot...
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    Mouse Not Working

    Hey Guys! I have a fnatic flick gaming mouse, One day i was playing a game when the mouse stopped working. It is recognised by the computer and all the drivers are up to date. The red light underneath the mouse is also lit however the mouse just dosen't respond at all. I would really...
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    Msi b350 PC mate

    Is the Msi b350 PC mate a good motherboard?? Does it have Bluetooth??
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    Is the Dell G7 in 4k worth it for gaming?

    Hi! I'm looking into getting a Dell G7 in 4K. Is it worth it over a 1080p model? Or should I look at another laptop with a 120hz+ display? Thanks! mcintyrelr20
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    Stuck at Gigabyte bios option screen (SOLVED)

    I have a Gigabyte H61M-S1 motherboard with Intel G630 processor. When the monitor is connected to the vga port on the motherboard the PC boots properly. But when connected to the VGA port on Zotac GT 610 2gb graphics card, the display is stuck at Gigabyte bios options and the pressing any key...
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    Which B360 to choose?

    ASUS ROG STRIX B360-G GAMING Intel vs MSI B360M BAZOOKA Intel ? ROG is cheaper
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    Increase Cache size?

    Hi everyone! I have a fresh new installation of the latest version of Windows 10 Pro, and generally have a responsive and solid build. Quick stats: Asus X370-F Gaming motherboard with 20Gb of RAM, and 7 hard drives for a little extra space lol... I have a problem where my browser, or a fair...
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    I'd like to upgrade my PC. Help me!

    Hello, I'd like to upgrade my PC with only a few dollars those are my specs: Motherboard: G41M-VS3 - Dual channel Current RAM: 2 x 2GB DDR3 Prespective: 2x 4GB DDR3 1333hz (pending) Current GPU: Nvidia GeForce GT730 2GB GIGABYTE Prespective: Nvidia GeForce GTX750ti 2GB Zotac (pending) CPU...
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    Sound Card does not start automatically

    Hi, I have a following issue: I've got an external Creative X-FI HD card plugged to the Asus Maximus IX Formula motherboard. Whenever the PC starts, the card does not work until I re-plug it. After that the card works just fine and never powers off again. It is correctly recognized by the...
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    Screen on grey screen not turning on or off

    My tablet was working when I went out side with my daughter I came back in the house and my tablet screen was greyish and it won't turn on off what do I do and it is charged