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  1. C

    change the owner for all subfolders in this folder option is missing

    I can change the the Owner of a Folder or a File no problem but there is no; Checkbox "Replace Owner On Subcontainers And Objects" Here is what I mean... I discovered that there is an issue about this infamous checkbox appearing and disappearing since 2013 according to this article... I...
  2. D

    Should I Wait to Upgrade my GPU Right Now?

    I currently own a MSI 390x, which is a pretty solid card for anything that isn't Mankind Divided and I am capable of running games at max settings on my 34" 3440 LG ultrawide monitor no problem. However, my current build is: Asrock X399 Pro Gaming Fatality Motherboard Threadripper 1950x 32GB...
  3. H

    Unable to perform a Bios Update in Toshiba Satellite C55-A

    I've been trying to perform a bios update in a Toshiba Satellite c55-a5105, I downloaded the drivers from and burned the isso in a CD. I followed the bios update procedure correctly, boot the computer from the CD and then...
  4. A

    Logitech G403 vs SS Rival 310

    So i have stuck between these two and can't decide which one is better for gaming use. (CSGO, Fortnite, Battlefield1 e.t.c) I really like the rival shape and size because i have a large hand. But again g403 has great shape too :/ No fanboys. Logical explanations!
  5. C

    Low RAM stock and price dips

    I have been wondering what is with the prices on ram. I am almost done my gaming pc, and I needed 16 gigabytes of ram. Tried buying HYPERX FURY (4x4). After I ordered the ram, it was back ordered and I have been waiting for a few weeks. When will the ram stock normalize?
  6. J

    GeForce Experience and should i use it as it seems to make more problems than it solves

    I'm currently using Geforce Experience with my 960 and so far all it has done is make shadowplay work (sometimes), make videos black screen (sometimes) and improperly optimized games (sometimes). It decided to change all my setting on siege that i had masterfully laid out for maximum performance...
  7. M

    Best combination of hardware I already own for gaming

    Hi guys, I have a bunch of hardware that I can mix and match. Some of it is mining, some of it I use for gaming. I started playing some newer games and noticed my gaming PC is having a bit of difficulty... Here is a list of what I have. I spent some time on gpu/cpu boss, and for the most part...
  8. T

    can a Keple | DVI splitter Dual Link Cable to Split DVI-D achieve 144Hz

    can a Keple | DVI splitter Dual Link Cable to Split DVI-D achieve 144Hz
  9. N

    can I pick up speed?

    I get 200 mps on internet but my card is 10/100/1000 can I upgrage
  10. D

    Cannot move OS into SSD.

    I tried to move my OS to my SSD using EaseUS but it says that the dimension of source disk is different from my destination disk, I have a 1tb HDD with only windows and a 220GB SSD, i also tried to clone Disk but it is saying the same thing.
  11. Edgerunner

    EK Fluid Gaming A240G Can you "Train" the soft tubes?

    Ryzen 5 1600 OCd Reference GTX 1070 I am using the EK Fluid Gaming A240G in my system and I love it but I recently put a little money into Sleeving my cables and purchased a case that has a tempered glass window and Vertical GPU Mount. System specs out Great but the soft tubing looks sloppy in...
  12. M

    How do I find out which app is using up my cpu *while idle*? It stops as soon as I open up task manager

    Something on my PC is using up around 25% of my CPU after it's been idle for a while. I know this because my computer glows blue when the CPU is hot (DC controlled LED case fan tied to CPU temp), and I noticed my computer was dark when I was using it, but would be glowing blue if I had left it...
  13. L

    Mouse and Keyboard

    When i use my mouse and keyboard at the same time it gives my computer horrible lag does anyone know why this happens and what the solution is.
  14. M

    I think I might have a virus because my computer is laughing at me (serious)

    Ok so just today I noticed that my computer was making a weird laughing noise at random times, I even had somebody else here and they noticed it too. I also saw it on an audio monitor, so I'm not just hearing things. It also seems to change a little bit every once in awhile. I don't currently...
  15. S

    GTX 275 Help

    My friend gave me his bfg gtx 275 graphics card and I tried to put it in and it worked but... there’s one end and a little piece that won’t fit. This is what it looks like. Please help me.
  16. A

    MSI sleep problem

    hi guys, I have a msi laptop and recently i have updated my window 10.After I updated, whenever i put my window to sleep and i turn it on back the window, it crash(something white and lines).And i need to turn off the computer and turn on back to make it work. Any help is greatly appreciated
  17. B

    how to read any website with auto line break??

    some websites are smart enough to apply auto line breaks when I zoom in the page of a browser, but some are not, they don't break the line intelligently but enlarging the whole things. It's a problem, when lying back on the sofa reading a lot of text on the screen. In addition to sliding down...
  18. R

    Computer crashing when tabbing in and out of highly intensive games

    I'm experiencing reboots on my computer while tabbing in and out of games. No BSOD, just kernel-power 41 from event viewer which says nothing. This would only happen on more intensive games. I could reproduce this by continously tabbing in and out of a game repeatively. Outside of heavy...
  19. L

    My 3770k works at 1.3v without oc

    Hi guys. I have a 3770k and msi g43 z77. And when i monitor cpu voltages in hwmonitor i noticed that my cpu works at 1.3v constantly. Sometimes it drops to 1.06v but generally it is 1.3v. I think 1.3v is for like 4.5ghz oc. So, why is cpu voltage so high? Boost is on, so cpu is 3.9ghz constant...
  20. R

    PC shuts down and restarts after new GPU installation while on demanding games

    Hello everyone! Yesterday I got a MSI Gaming X GTX 1080 GPU, but after I had installed it and it's drivers, when i ran a demanding game and played for 10-20 minutes my system shut down and restarted after ~2 seconds. So I read some threads on this, and people said it might be the PSU's fault...