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  1. A

    X370 Motherboard choice

    Hi, I am planning to build a Ryzen system and got stuck choosing the Motherboard due to RAM compatibility. I already have G.SKILL Ripjaws 4 Series 16GB (4 x 4GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 2800 (PC4 22400) Desktop Memory Model F4-2800C16Q-16GRK, and the only Motherboard I have seen officially...
  2. A

    Help regarding PSU

    Will my 300W liteon ps-5301-08ha PSU run an asus rog rx 560 4gb oc edition gpu? Total drawn power is 75W. My mobo is msi 2a9c version 1.1 with an i3 1st gen 550, 320 gb hdd with 8 gbs of ram. Please suggest better psus if you think this isn't up-to par.
  3. P

    Budget Gaming PC (~$1200.00) - Help Request!

    Hi All, It's been about five (5) years since I've played WoW (World of Warcraft) and I have recently started up again. However, I've noticed that the specifications to run the latest version have increased dramatically. I would like to ask the tom's community for some advice regarding a pc...
  4. G

    Is my PC build good, and or what parts should i upgrade/downgrade

    I've been looking at getting a PC for weeks now and i keep stalling because i don't know if i'm getting the right parts for each other. I've been stuck on what CPU and graphics card i should get so feedback and that would be great as well. components: CPU: Intel - Core i5-7500 3.4GHz Quad-Core...
  5. M

    Laptop completely lagging

    Audio pops and crackles, everything is slow, cursor movement is choppy and disk usage is always around 90%, even with no applications running. I've tried disabling services in command prompt and still nothing has changed. I suspect it may be a hardware issue as at one point the fan sounded like...
  6. S

    Heatsink Pipe Scratched on NEW ASUS GL502VM

    Hi guys, I got new Asus GL502VM from few days ago. I opened up the back cover and was shocked to see very badly scratched heatsink pipes. Both sides got scratches and the right one is even worse got like tiny dents as well. Anyone has seen something like this before? Does anyone know how...
  7. P

    Can i plug my AIO into the cpu fan header?

    Am i able to plug my AIO into my CPU fan header because my mobo doesn't have a dedicated water pump header. will there be any complications or any fan curves that need to be changed?
  8. kcarbotte

    Microsoft Details Xbox One X Scorpio Engine SoC

    Microsoft is getting ready to release the upcoming Xbox One X. Ahead of Gamescom, the company opened pre-orders for the new system, and today at the Hot Chips conference, it detailed the SoC powering the 4K-capable gaming console. Microsoft Details Xbox One X Scorpio Engine SoC : Read more
  9. S

    Motherboard for GTX 1050

    Will GTX 1050 Work normally on motherboard with out uefi bios? spec: i5 3450, 8 gb ram, gt 640, 550 w psu. Motherboard: lenovo h430, bios version ECKT16A,Chipset - h61 type bios: AMI EFI.
  10. T

    How well does a CK-AM209 do vs. an AMD fx 8320 stock fan?

    I just purchased an AMD fx 8320, and while the stock fan isn't the worst, I would like to know if a CK-AM209 is better?
  11. C

    How to clear HDD without clearing OS?

    Is it possible to clear hard drive without having to reinstall my OS? I don't have the activation key as I bought my PC pre-built from a company 3 years ago. OS is windows 8.1 by the way, thanks
  12. C

    6700k will only work when MSI slow mode is switched on

    Hello Everyone, I have been facing with a weird situation for a while. The story is; I have decided to make a gaming rig.My specs are; Msi z170a gaming m3 gigabyte gtx 980ti i7-6700k Corsair vengeance lpx 8gb 2400mhz (1stick) Cooler Master evo 212 NZXT s340 white case PSU 650W xfx 80+ bronze...
  13. P

    Slow Upload Speed

    So my internet isn't the best but it's not too bad either. I get 8Mb/s Download speed and 4Mb/s Upload speed. Or that's what I should be getting. I've done at least 20 Speedtests in 2 days and all gave out the same result. 6.5-8Mb/s Download; 0.1-0.4Mb/s Upload. I've tried : Upgrading my...
  14. FireeRex

    x4 860k @Stock GTX 1050 Bottleneck?

    When I play any type of game my CPU is usually at a high load (70%-100%) and my GPU is around (10%-40%) Please help out!
  15. R

    What are some things to store for offline usage?

    I mean if My internet goes down what is a good setup of programs or whatever that I should download to use offline at a later date not sure if this is a suitable question for this category if not just remove it thanks
  16. J

    Acer Laptop not turning on after I think it overheated

    So, I have an Acer Aspire E14 that I use mainly for school, but I decided to play a racing game (Assetto Corsa) on it, after like an hour of playing I noticed tha laptop getting hot, dint really care then right after I finished my last race, it turned off. I thought it only needed some rest so I...
  17. G

    buying a graphics card

    I have Intel core i5 650 @3.20ghz 3.19ghz 8Gb ram i want to know what graphics card (listed below) is best for me for gaming(games like gta 5,farcry 4,watch dogs)........ Do'nt suggest anyother than listed below because my budget is low($50-70)......... so plz tell me the best one and which card...
  18. B

    Go for EVGA 650 GQ or Corsair RM650x?

    I've made my research on PSUs and came down to choosing between these two. They both seem to be pretty good, the only relevant difference I can see between them is the price: EVGA 650 GQ - 94€ Corsair RM650x - 107€ So it's about 13% difference in price.. not so much when considering cost of the...
  19. waleeda

    Razer kraken 7.1 usb vs Corsair Void 7.1

    hey guys i,m looking to buy gaming headphones with surround sound 7.1 but not sure which one of these will give perfect sound and which will will give more high bass effect as i like that (staggering bass) both are about 80$ in my country so recommend me from these 2....
  20. Anthony Mondz

    XPS 8910 vs AMD Gamer Edition 600 dollar version

    Is it better since the XPS has higher ghz then the AMD? XPS: AMD: