Jan 18, 2018
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Im trying to schedule two backups on my Windows server 2019. One of them takes a daily backup of the data disk. And the other one a monthly backup of the entire server. Both of them will be stored on remotely shared folders.

I created a backup of the data disk in ''Backup Schedule Wizard'', and configured it to take a backup daily to a remote folder. But you can only schedule one backup there.

So i need to use task scheduler to schedule the monthly backup of the entire server.

I find forums about how i do this, but nothing about how to do it to a remotely shared network folder?
This is the file path i wish to store the backup on:

I understand i need to input a script in task scheduler?
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There are a number of ways to meet the backup requirements.

However, starting with what you have posted:

As I understand your post, you already have the scripts to execute the daily backup and the monthly backup - correct?

How were the scripts created and in what scripting language?

Task Scheduler:

More information is needed beyond the file path name.