Your Experience with Windows 10

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I will keep griping about the changes to the system settings and other applets that keep getting worse in terms of usability. Not sure why both aren't left in place and the option to toggle between them. Weirdest thing I can think of was the change from "Network" to "Ethernet" between 7 and 8.1 had a few scripts blow up because they changed the name in the registry as well. I also miss being able to change the 3D Canvas color options, used to be able to make Office products have something other than eyebleed white.


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Yes, I have no argument with that except that mostly those kinds of issues are in the enterprise and corporate environments. For most consumer users, almost all of those "settings" that have had access to them removed in more recent versions of Windows 10, they are STILL available IF you install a shell modifier like Classic shell. I still have full access to ALL of the control panel applets, and am using the latest release candidate.


There are a few things that Classic Shell can't put back as they remove the core code and registry settings from the OS. My home use of computers is as casual as the average end user (on most days). It is indeed the corporate environment where it annoys me the most. Just little things that have been in the same place for 15 years are suddenly disappearing or moving to new menus that require 4 or 5 more clicks to get to than the old ones.

Sound settings is probably the most common one. What gets me is that they turned formerly icons into text links. That seems like it would be worse for mobile devices and touchscreens, so I'm just not sure what the goal is.


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I agree totally, and really I am serious when I say I don't get it for most users, especially mainstream consumers. I mean, right now, Windows 10 is the smoothest running, least problematic Windows version that I personally have ever seen. And I've seen (And probably have installation media and licenses for) them all, as have many of you.

There has pretty much always been something significant to bitch about on every Windows version, until the last few versions of 10. And there still are some things that it needs added, some things that need some polish and some fixes that are needed for things like improved multi-monitor support, better stay-alive network drive configurations (This has pretty much always been a problem, so not specifically a Win 10 issue, just a Windows issue in general.), and honestly, a LOT more options that could (And should) be included for power users and administrators that don't require a one year course to understand.

Like, most of the shell tweaks, power toys and other things like those offered by utilities like Displayfusion, should all just automatically be a part of Windows. I can agree that there ought to be an additional process involved to verify that you are an advanced user and unlock those features, so that the average user who is likely to make a mess of things if those were automatically available features doesn't find them randomly, but the option for those kinds of features really should be integrated into Windows by now.
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Jun 26, 2016
My experience with Windows 10 has been my wife's Laptop and it sucks. I have a new desktop Computer, I purchased it between Christmas and New years, 2020, and it came with windows 10 installed on a M2 Drive. Well the first time I started this Computer up, there was a USB Thumb Drive in a USB Port oon it and thet USB Thumb Drive contained the ISO image for Linux Mint 20.1 Ulyess Cinnamon and when starting up I went choose the USB start up and during the Install screens, when it got to the screen where it I could either install it beside Windows and dual boot or erase disk and install, I choose the Latter, goodbye Windows 10. Since then I have Installed 2 Other Operating systems, all Linux Based


May 25, 2020
Why is everyone replying to a thread from 2015 meant to gauge how they like "new" Windows 10?


BTW-it wasn't too long ago I just switched to Win 10. It is okay I guess. But Win 11 will be here soon,so I'll come back when I switch to that in 4 years and let y'all know how it goes!
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Mar 26, 2021
One of my experiences is that I hadn't applied the updates to my computer and it got affected by ransomware and now all my files have been deleted. So for me, windows 10 is the worst thing I could've opted for in my lifetime.
Jul 12, 2021
Hey there friends!

With everyone trying out Windows 10, we wanted to get your input on what works, what doesn't, and what your overall thoughts and experiences with the new OS has been. We'll be putting together some guides and how-to's on getting going on Windows 10, and your feedback and story on Windows 10 so far will be helpful in knowing where and what we need to cover.

Reply here to share your experience so far with Windows 10, and help Tom's Hardware discover some of the pain points for early adopters.

Windows 10 is the best now, but everything has its good as well as its drawback. Windows 10 experience with me not too good not too bad- Windows10 update issue all time.


Apr 17, 2019
I am an average user+.
Windows update, repair or clean install and WU and BITS are one setting. Run the WU troubleshooter and all changes.
I read that BITS then reverts to the initial setting.
For the average user, is WU auto or manual and why the disparity between repair and trouble shoot.
Is WU to be auto or manual?
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