Question Z390 motherboard issues - all kind of win10 freeze issues

Jun 21, 2019
Hi all,

i bought new components to upgrade my current rig. I could not complete the Win10 setup, until I flipped my stick of Ram to slot B1. Please HELP!

i have disconnected most peripheral components and running under this config:
700w PS, Corsair
1 SSD drive 512gig Samsung pro 860
1 stick of ram, Corsair DDR4, 2666mhz, 16gig 64 gig of ram, xmp
integrated graphic card; removed PCIe graphic card to aid troubleshooting
win10 pro is both on disc as well as USB
Mobo Z390 aorus ultra, gigabyte

motherboard status: A0

When ram is in slot A1, win10 get stuck at these various points:
  1. Freezes at selection screen for keyboard/mouse, language
  2. Freezes when Setup is starting
  3. Freezes when copying files
  4. Freezes during startup process
logged into command prompt and check for error in srt file; nothing

When ram is in slot B1, win10 install is a breeze. I have a second stick of ram (came as a pair), stuck that in B2 and system is 100% stable.
Remove ram and stuck only 1 in A1, win10 freezes all the time.

I ran memtest86 (latest version), so far after 3 passes (default config) no errors on the ram which is currently sitting in slot A1. I am thinking that the problem is with the mobo. What are your thoughts? Please help.

If it is mobo, how do I tell my tight ass computer shop guy that this mobo is DOA on slot A1, and give me a damn replacement? Please help.


Exact model for the Corsair PSU? You didn't include the processor that you used to pair with the board. According to the manual for your board, the ram should be on slots A2 and B2. You might also want to see if a BIOS update(if pending) changes the issue. If not, then you're going to need to use memtest for at least 10 passes to rule out the sticks and the slots on the board, working with known working slots and sticks until you come to the conclusion that the slots on the board don't work.