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  1. Wichilie

    Question Troubleshooting faulty RAM/MOBO ?

    Hey, Over the past few months I've been having an issue where about once every 2-4 weeks my PC wouldn't turn on; no lights or fans, nothing. If I waited for a few hours it would suddenly work fine again. Recently however it refused to turn on for several days, and once it eventually did, kept...
  2. peejaygee

    Question Before RMA'ing a ASUS Prime B450M-A II AM4 I'd like to ask for some advice before wasting time.

    Hey there, I bought a ASUS Prime B450M-A II AM4 Micro-ATX Motherboard ASPB450MA2 in January 2023 (it is registered on their site and has a warranty) along with Patriot Viper Elite II DDR4 32GB * 4. [and other parts listed below] I started having issues with a linux install. Getting Kernal...
  3. djbannowsky

    [SOLVED] RAM keeps going bad

    I created my pc around 3 years ago and everything worked fine until I decided to use the automatic XMP profile in the BIOS around a month ago. It worked well for a couple of weeks but eventually, the ram went bad and memtest86 results showed errors. I purchased new ram and followed the...
  4. Xanity7

    Question "The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck" - - - more memory problems ?

    Hello, Recently i have been getting lots of problems which indicates points to my RAM (i suspect) So recently i have been getting corrupt game downloads which i fixed by turning off XMP. But i wanted to know why it caused it. So i did a test with XMP on using memtest86 and it gave me a bunch of...
  5. Waffal

    Question MemTest86 errors / faulty ram?

    Hi, Since a few days my pc started to randomly crash when playing games. ive tried to trubleshoot for a bit and found some errors while testing my ram with memtest86 my problem is I cannot tell what the errors mean and how to fix them (if it is possible)...
  6. K

    Question Single bit in error, MemTest86

    Hi, I'll try to describe as best as possible my RAM issue. One day, I wake up and turn on my computer but fall in a several blue screen loop. After spending a lot of time diagotise my computer, it figures out that it was on of my memory stick causing all my problem. I run MemTest86 on it. The...
  7. S

    Question Memtest86 showing only 6 cpus

    Hey guys, I wanted to test my memory stick using memtest86.. I created the bootable usb and when I open memtest86, it shows me Total 12 Cpus but only 6 for testing. How do i enable all 12? Check images for reference:
  8. P

    Question System Crashing During Gameplay (CSGO)

    Hi All, I have been having system crashes for 10 months now since building my new PC. I have narrowed it down to either my RAM or CPU (though CPU seems to be more likely, but I want to confirm here). The following are my PC specs: Motherboard - Asus Gaming TUF B560 Wifi CPU - Intel Core i5 -...
  9. Faust-RSI

    Question Should I be worried about these Memtest86 results?

    Recently my laptop got 2 BSODs one after another with a message about memory. Windows11 memory diagnostics found some hardware error, which was confirmed by Memtest86. As I've recently changed my RAM I though that maybe I haven't installed the new memory properly so I've opened my laptop and...
  10. H

    [SOLVED] PC restarting itself - error during memtest

    Hello! I have a problem with my pc. Sometimes it just suddenly resets by itself. I'm not sure when it started, but it seems it started happening more often in the last week, without any hardware change. In the last year, I've changed most of the PC parts (GPU, CPU, Motherboard, and recently...
  11. G

    Question Is this really possible?

    4 years ago I bought 2 sets of 16 GB Corsair Vengeance RGB ram, that have the XMP profile to OC to 3000Mhz. But since I've bought those sticks, and 4 years later, I've had an issue with a random Black screen where the Screens go down, USB keyboard/mice lights go dark but the case fans, and...
  12. T

    [SOLVED] Memtest86 errors, possible culprits (Cpu, MoBo, RAM)?

    Hello, I've finally decided to write in this forum because I've become quite desperate. A couple of months ago I started having some BSOD's with the stop code "Memory_Management", "Page_fault_in_non_paged_area", and "IRQL_not_less_or_equal". At first, I dismissed it as random crashes, but they...
  13. M

    Question memtest86 errors, only above 4GB

    I'm trying to revive an old PC where I started to see Windows bluescreen errors a few months ago. I don't remember the exact errors on the blue screen, but they led me believe there were memory errors. Running memtest86 confirmed my suspicion, one of the system's 2GB module did not work, so I...
  14. S

    [SOLVED] Memtest86 - Does format matter/Can you still store files within a bootable USB?

    I wrote memtest86 on a 29.3GB USB on FAT32 and it only allocated 500mb total for the drive. Is it possible to allocate more space and it would still make the bootable drive work or is this not possible? Does it matter whether not it's NTFS or FAT32? Can it also be FAT and not cause issues, or...
  15. T

    Question Bad RAM or faulty DIMM?

    I've been experiencing occasional BSOD, and have narrowed the issue down to either RAM or DIMM slot/s. I tested my ram a week ago with memtest86 and got over 30 errors (oof.) However, I have since tested all 4 modules individually in DIMM 1, and all passed without any errors. I also tested all 4...
  16. V

    Question Occasional system crash and thousands of errors in memtest86+

    My system with AMD Ryzen 5 3600, X570 AORUS ELITE motherboard, and 32gb ram is crashing occasionally. I ran memtest86+ with the default configuration of ram sticks in slots 2 & 4, then with just one stick each, and in all 3 cases the test was spewing thousands of errors. What does this mean -...
  17. L

    Question Memtest86 error to identify

    Hi everyone, I am having trouble installing a game on my Alienware 17R5 and read somewhere that it may be due to some hardware errors. I ran a Windows memory diagnostic, it indeed found a hardware issue. I ran a Memtest86 test and did found about a 100 errors. The report on the Memtest86 page...
  18. S

    [SOLVED] MemTest86 Test 10 skipped to Test 13

    Hi all, I recently ran the standard test of MemTest86 with 4 passes. I received no error counts, so I'm assuming my RAM is 99% fine. However, I noticed that the tests 11 and 12 were skipped. 021-06-01 02:18:04 - Sleep time: 300000 2021-06-01 02:18:05 - Test 10 - Sleeping (298 seconds remaining)...
  19. Castiell

    [SOLVED] Mem86/Ram

    I did a memtest86 with xmp on . all 4 slots occupied new pc build and got 10k+ errors. currently testning sticks indvually on slot 2 , tested 2 sticks currently both of them passed , doing 4 runs on every test . should i buy the PRO edition for more runs? if no ram gets an error i Will try...
  20. kingkj52

    Question Have Been Having Lots of BSODs and Hard Freezes on a New Computer, Finally Narrowed It Down, Need Help Solving It

    64 bit New System started with Windows 10 Picked up the prebuilt from cyberpowerpc here Bought November 30th 2020 Its been having some odd crash issues for a while now. I updated Windows 10, and updated video drivers, and have checked for driver updates on...
  21. Steamy_Steve

    [SOLVED] Memtest86, when is it *reasonably* long enough?

    Ultimately I opted for a 128GB (4x32), 3600MHz, CL18 kit (not that I had much variety to pick from). I've overclocked my i9 10900KF @5.0GHz, set the RAM profile to XMP II and started testing. One hour of Prime95, first Small and then Large FFTs, showed no stability issues, with core temps...
  22. R

    Question Can Motherboard be Responsible for RAM instability?

    Hi all, I have a new build (2 weeks old) and from day one I had issues with my G.Skill Trident RGB 16GB 3600mhz CL18 RAM running at 3600mhz (XMP loaded). It is rated for this speed but I have never been able to run it at this stably, even when voltage, mhz and timings inputted manually. At...
  23. exaltedb

    [SOLVED] One of two sticks in a Vengeance LPX pair presumably bad

    I have had consistent instability with my pc ever since I built it (bsods, app crashes, total pc hangs) and I’ve presumed it all along to be memory related. I finally decided to test each stick individually and the first of the two worked with no issues and memtest came back clean after 8...
  24. RealSmoke

    [SOLVED] Memtest86 Stage 1 65535+ errors :/

    My pc frequently freezes or bsods, memtest86 gives back 65535+ errors in 1st stage time for new ram i guess... Rest of the pc configuration is : Mx 500 crucial 256gb ssd . Msi gt 330 I3-530 and 2x2 DDR3 1333mhz ram
  25. tzieri

    [SOLVED] Memory Management error

    Hello everyone! I have an Acer laptop (Acer Nitro 5) that some months ago started to show BSOD presenting the error "Memory Management". After showing this error several times my O.S (Windows 10) crashes and I try to repare it, but never works, then I need to format my computer. I did the...
  26. S

    [SOLVED] memtest86 errors, what do they mean?

    Hello, For the past while I have been getting bluescreens with "memory_management" and "system_thread_exception_not_handled" errors. On top of this while using the computer apps would randomly crash or close sometimes without any errors and then minutes later it would bluescreen. I did test...
  27. SohaibDanish

    [SOLVED] MemTest86 Error

    Hello I built my new system last week and I accidently bought two different set of rams. 1) VENGEANCE® RGB PRO 32GB (2 x 16GB) DDR4 DRAM 3200MHz C16 Kit 2) VENGEANCE® RGB PRO 32GB (2 x 16GB) DDR4 DRAM 3200MHz C16 AMD Ryzen Kit Now when I run MemTest86 without enabling the XMP, it runs...
  28. B

    Question Memory management bsod and around 12000 errors on memtest86

    Hi guys I really need your help , so recently I built a ryzen PC: (MB : Asus tuf b450 pro gaming Cpu: ryzen 5 2400g with Vega 11 igpu Ram: Corsair Vengeance rgb pro 2x8 3000mhz CMW16GX4M2C3000C15 psu: Thermaltake 530w smart se 80+ bronze) after installing Windows I was having bsods.after...
  29. J

    Question Z390 motherboard issues - all kind of win10 freeze issues

    Hi all, i bought new components to upgrade my current rig. I could not complete the Win10 setup, until I flipped my stick of Ram to slot B1. Please HELP! i have disconnected most peripheral components and running under this config: 700w PS, Corsair 1 SSD drive 512gig Samsung pro 860 1 stick...
  30. M

    [SOLVED] burn memtest86-usb.img to CD

    In UEFI system, Windows 10 how do i burn Memtest86 latest version to bootable CD? when i open memtest86-usb.img i get message "The disk image file is corrupted". so I can't burn that to CD. I don't have USB now, please tell me if i can do this without imageUSB.exe and put it on CD? I have ASUS...
  31. I Josh I

    [SOLVED] What are some good 140mm case fans?

    Hi all What are some good RGB 140mm case fans? If not RGB, what about red led 140mm fans? I was looking at these NOCTUA's but was wanting some with a bit of flair if it was possible. Thanks!
  32. G

    [SOLVED] Im not getting the fps on my pc that im am supposed to

    i have tried everything . gtx 1070 i7 7700 asus prime b250 plus 8gb ddr4 ram bequiet 1000 w psu i cant enable x.m.p on my pc. this is my cpu when i have gta 5 opened and im getting only 70 fps average . i have 160 fps in fortnite and my friend whit gtx 1050 has more...
  33. N

    Computer has power won’t start

    I have a ROG strip b360-f gaming motherboard and a EVGA clc 240 cooler. I plugged everything in and the rgb on the motherboard turns on and it has a the orange light that tells me the motherboard has power but I try and turn it on and the the top 3 fans spin for a second and then turn off. What...
  34. T

    OC the i7 6700k

    So ive tried some tests with cinebench 15 and im only getting a score on 930 when i use to get a score of 1030, i also have a clock speed of 4.7 i can push 4.8 but its unstable and crashes and gets way to hot. With the 4.7 i have a voltage of 1.340 and on cinebench i get freezes and sometimes...
  35. A

    Are they compatible?

    I am making building a computer, and I found these two great parts. Before I buy them I was wondering if they would work together. The graphics card is a GeForce GTX 1050 and the motherboard is a Gigabyte Sorus Aurus ga-z270x-gaming 7. I hope you can help, because I really need it!!
  36. Kadir-1

    XFX bronze PSU

    Hello guys, im getting a psu for my Girlfriend's PC and the XFX 850w PRO bronze was on sale, i want to know it is safe to run the rig( i7 7700k,gtx1070 hybrid) with that psu. Im worried if it can damage the parts because its bronze. PS: i know its overkill for that rig but she might go for SLI.
  37. N

    Geforce Experience 7-Zip: Data Error

    When I go to open Geforce Experience (I got a notification saying I had a driver ready) it says Geforce Experience Updater and asks if I allow it to make changes to my computer, I say yes, then the grey box where it has a little green loading bar gets to about half way then it says 7-Zip: Data...
  38. S

    windows will not autoload

    brand new build, clean install of windows 10. windows will not auto, and when booting comp, goes directly to uefi bios utility. i saved to correct boot order, but nothing seems to work. I can manually select the hard drive with Windows from the bios and Windows will then load correctly. any...
  39. T

    Laptop not booting up after changing the CPU but works with the old CPU

    Hello. On my HP Pavilion dv5 1250us, I have a AMD Turion, but it was a dual core. I didn't mind it being a dual core but I recently found a AMD Phenom II, that is quad core. So, I took my laptop apart and after 20 minutes, I swapped the AMD Turion to the AMD Phenom II and when I turned on the...
  40. M

    RAM matching: 2x4gb KHX16009D3 -> 2x4gb ???

    Hi, I currently have 2x4gb modules (Kingston HyperX KHX16009D3) I am thinking to add 2 more, but this particular module seems to be discontinued So my question is what should I match them with? Here's my setup: While...