Z87M OC Formula - Disable fan control in BIOS?


Feb 24, 2014
Hey guys,

I recently finished building my watercooled rig, and it's running great. I configured my fan setup so that I am using a 7-way PWM splitter which is connected to the CPU fan slot on my Z87M OC Formula, and can be used to control all the fans in my system.

This is working great, but I'd like to use Speedfan to intelligently control fan speed based on a few different temps (CPU, GPU1, GPU2, etc) with the goal of it being essentially silent when I'm not working the machine too hard. I've configured Speedfan to regulate the CPU fan speed, but it seems I need to disable fan speed control in the BIOS.

Unfortunately, I can't find a setting in the BIOS to actually disable fan control. Instead it allows you to essentially configure a less intelligent speedfan - setting different fan speeds for different CPU temps.

I'd prefer to just use Speedfan to do this -- does anyone know if there is a setting I am missing that allows me to entirely disable fan control in the BIOS? Again, this is using an ASROCK Z87M OC Formula.

Thanks for the help!

You may not be able to achieve it (fully) using BIOS. Better use Fan Control device. Most of them are in 5.25" bay so it can be mounted on the front side of the case and you will be able to achieve any speed that you want.