Zoom x4 modem/router


Jun 2, 2004
hey guys was wondering if u could help me ive recently bought a zoom x4 router/modem, its set up fine as far as i know ive got my 2 pc's on it and running ok.

now the problem:

when i run Ventrilo people cant connect to my server i cant even connect to it, when i run CS: S people cant connect to my server for some reason they say my ip is something stupid like now i know this isnt my ip but thats as far as my knowledge goes :(

when i goto myip.com or whatever and use that ip its the same, people still cant connect to me. please help guys

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Sep 15, 2002
You need to give the people connecting to your server your actual external ip. Log into your router and see what its wan status is, that should show the wan ip. Then you need to forward the ports for all the services you want to host to your server. Say you want to host that CS server and your servers ip is on the local network. You will need to go to your routers config, find the port forwarding section, and forward port 27015 to

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