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1050 GTX ti

Forum discussion tagged with 1050 GTX ti.
  1. R

    Question Can't change laptops display from 120hz to 60hz?

    Hi, So I'm trying to play old games that won't launch due to the refresh rate of my gaming laptop. I've tried Nvidia Control Panel, Intel Control Pannel and Windows Display Settings and all don't give me and option to change it just says 120hz? I have a GTX 1050TI, i5 3800M, 8GB RAM. Any help...
  2. DevilTiger009

    Question Not able to setup Dual Monitor.

    Hello Group, I am not able to set up a dual monitor. My configuration is: Motherboard - Asus Prime B350-Plus Processor - AMD Ryzen 5 1600, 3200 MHz GPU - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti RAM - 8*2 GB I tried my best to find IGPU in motherboard Bios but didn't found anything. Currently, I'm...
  3. I_AM_Bulletproof

    Question Overclocking 1050 TI

    Hello, i have a MSI GL63 8RD laptop and i would like to overclock it to its maximum capacity, however i am pretty noob to this and i am scared i might end up damaging something. I have afterburner and superposition bench mark installed. Some additional problem with afterburner the power limit...
  4. ragesamuel

    Question Gigabyte continous short beeps

    Hello guys. I need your help. I'm trying to install a new (2nd hand) GPU (I recently purchased in an online store with good ratings ) into my system but the PC doesn't seem to boot. Here are my specifications: i3 8100 Gigabyte H310m Ds2 Thermaltake 550w Litepower Gskrill Ripjaws 8gb 2400mhz...
  5. hoopty_handler

    Question Staggered GPU Setup Not Working

    I upgraded my system from an fx8350 CPU paired with an MSI 970 Gaming mobo to a Ryzen 5 3600 and ASRock B450 Steel Legend. This has caused my "staggered" gpu set-up (1050ti & Gt730) to throw a fit, with the 1050ti being the sole graphics provider. I use the 1050ti for the gaming / main monitor...
  6. M1ghty

    Question CPU upgrade

    Hey guys id like to ask a question about upgrading my CPU, so recently i realized that the problem about most games not playing smoothly is because i have a really bad CPU, my GPU is not that good too but its a 1050Ti 4GB but my CPU is a i5 4590 which is really bad and old and i was thinking...
  7. V

    Question Games on my pc crash and work really terrible.

    Hello guys! So,the problem is that sometimes,games on my pc crash a lot,for example almost all the newest CODs,and they work really bad. In the new COD Warzone,i can barely get 60 fps,sometimes goes as low as 10 fps in gun shots,making my aim really bad and in other games,my fps really suck. For...
  8. T

    Question 1050 ti normal temps going higher than expected

    Okay so my gpu went 90c once due to me stupidly not enabling vsync and gpu pushing 230 fps in a game(i also smelled a little bit burning smell i think). So the problem is that after the incident my gpu is giving more than expected temps like for ex in batman ak it went around 60c to 65c on my...
  9. A

    [SOLVED] Should I pair a gtx 1660 with fx 8300

    I was just wondering if I should pair a gtx 1660 with an fx8300 as I cannot change my cpu for awhile Also I have a 1050 ti currently but really I wanted the vr support. I was going to get a 1060 but 1660 is cheaper.
  10. I

    [SOLVED] Nvidia GTX 1050TI code 43 problems

    One day, I logged onto my laptop to find that my GPU (Nvidia GTX 1050TI) wasn't working. Device Manager told me Windows shut it down because of a problem called code 43. I tried downloading the latest 1050TI driver for my laptop. However, when the installer tells me to restart, after restarting...
  11. H

    Question Stuttering while gaming

    For some reason my games stutter pretty hard recently, it seems to happen when i run in game more than anything i did just move my pc from one house to another the other day and it took about 20 minutes of travel but was packed to not shake but since then the stuttering has began. I've taken my...
  12. P

    Question EZ Debug Light on VGA

    So here is my situation: Built my first rig a couple weeks back, got it up and running no problems and been playing and loving the PC Master Race ever since. I moved dorm rooms for college and METICULOUSLY moved my computer, gently placing it in the box the case came in, and then carrying it...
  13. I

    Question is my GPU overclocked?

    i think it is because i tried a software i got on a disk with the gpu and its kinda sucks so it automatically overclocked my gpu without asking and i couldn't get it back to normal so i shut it down and removed it and now i think the temps are pretty high i have a GTX 1050ti 4gb from GIGABYTE...
  14. rksako1

    Question All Steam games capped at 60 FPS (i7 8750H, 1050TI, 8GB DDR4 Laptop)

    I recently picked up an Acer Aspire 7 with the above specs and I can't seem to get any games to run over 60 FPS. On my older Asus N551 laptop with an 840M, I could run games over 60 FPS with no problem, but with the new laptop, games such as War Thunder, Overwatch, Mordhau, etc all run capped at...
  15. J

    Question Which GTX 1050 Ti brand?

    I’m thinking about getting the MSI GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB. Does it have to be MSI brand? Or can I still get what’s expected from the 1050 Ti with other brands like PNY, EVGA?
  16. regiroctk

    Question gtx1050ti oc in asrock N68C-S UCC dont work

    good vibes, I bought a 1050ti oc and installed it the first night it was wonderful, but the next day it did not give an image. what you did was update bios.
  17. Return-of-the-Mac

    Question 4GB GPU for a 240W SFF system - RX560 LP vs GTX 1050Ti LP?

    I'm working on a build based on a restored Dell Optiplex 790 SFF, and I'm not sure what graphics card would be more suitable for it. After looking around, I feel confident that I can narrow down my choices to the MSI low profile versions of both the RX 560 and GTX 1050 Ti, both of which appear...
  18. V

    [SOLVED] Will this bulid be okey?

    Hello im making a gaming pc for the first time and i wonder if this build will be ok mobo: GIGABYTE B360M DS3H cpu: Intel Core i5 8400 BOX 2.8GHz LGA1151 Coffee Lake ram: G.Skill AEGIS 8GB (2x4GB) DDR4 F4-2400C15D-8GIS gpu:ASUS GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Cerberus OC, 4GB GDDR5, PCI-E 3.0 hdd:TOSHIBA...